7 Ways Pig Wrestling Torments Pigs

Pig wrestling is a barbaric activity in which groups of people chase, grab, tackle, and drag terrified pigs before slamming them into barrel drums or tires. There is no relief at the conclusion of this ordeal, and the pigs, who are often injured, may then be sent to have their throats cut at slaughterhouses.

Pig Wrestling guys carry pig to a barrel

Before pig wrestling events, the pigs are loaded onto trailers for what is often a lengthy and cramped journey. On August 10, the Wyoming State Fair is planning to host its annual Pig ‘N Mud Wrestling event. These photos illustrate the suffering that these animals will likely experience unless it’s canceled:

1. Blindsided

Pigs on truck after pig wrestling event

Following transport, the animals used in pig-wrestling events are confined to holding pens where they’re often kicked, pushed, and slapped as they try desperately to avoid being thrust into the closed arena but ultimately find themselves surrounded by hostile participants and loud, jeering crowds.

Men in Suits surround pig at pig wrestling event

2. Chased

Guys Chase pig around cage at pig wrestling event

Right out of the gate, the terrified pig is chased around the pen by participants whose sole goal is to wrestle him or her into the center of the arena—by any means necessary.

3. Cornered

Men Wrestling with pig at pig wrestling event

The participants come at the pig from all directions. Often, the animals are jumped on or their limbs are pulled out from under them.

4. Tackled

guys tackle pig at pig wrestling event

Participants dive at the pigs and even throw their entire bodies onto the animals in an attempt to capture them.

Pig Wrestling men carrying a pig to a barrel

Sometimes, multiple people pile on top of a struggling animal, which can result in severe injuries.


5. Dragged

girls attempt to lift pig at pig wrestling event

Since pig wrestling is a timed event that requires teams to get the animals to the middle of the arena and into a barrel or tire, the frantic pigs are often dragged by their limbs, tails, and even heads.

6. Dumped

Girls prepare to dump pig into a barrel at pig wrestling event

Once the pigs have been caught and hauled to the center of the mud pit, they’re slammed into a barrel or tire—sometimes headfirst.


And as people often struggle to lift the heavy pigs, they are frequently dropped—in which case, they will continue to be chased and tackled.

7. Slaughtered

Pig at slaughterhouse after pig wrestling event

The pigs are loaded back into the trailers as they languish through another lengthy, cramped journey. Their new destination could be even more painful. Yes, often the “reward” for surviving the pain and abuse of a pig-wrestling event is to be sent to slaughter.

There are countless alternative activities and fundraisers that do not involve exploiting and harming living beings.


Pig wrestling is a cruel, painful, and frightening ordeal for pigs that conveys the message that it’s acceptable to harass and injure animals for “entertainment.”

girls surround pig in barrel at pig wrestling event

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