18 Reasons Why Pigs Are The WORST

Pigs definitely don’t deserve to live. Nope. And here’s all the proof you need:

1. They’re definitely not cute …

2. … like, at all.

3. They’re not very smart.

4. They think they’re soooo great.

My plans for the weekend.

A photo posted by Esther The Wonder Pig (@estherthewonderpig) on

5. They don’t care about anybody but themselves.

6. They really like living on factory farms.

7. And they would much rather raise their babies like this:

Mother Pig in a Farrowing Crate in a Factory Farm

8. … than like this:

Sleeping Mother Pig With Her Piglets

9. They are hardly self aware.

Pigs are one of the few animals to have passed the mirror test.

10. They can’t even play video games.

11. They’re nothing like dogs, and everyone likes dogs!

Dog: © iStock.com/Angelika Schwarz | Pig: © iStock.com/Clint Scholz

Pigs have been taught to sit, fetch, and remember different objects years after first seeing them.

12. Did we mention they aren’t cute?

13. And factory farming isn’t even that bad.

Pigs on Factory Farm© Animal Rights Activist Karolin

14. See?

15. This is fun for them.

16. Nothing can top their one-way trip to the slaughterhouse …

17. … except maybe this:

18. So remember, the best thing that you can do for pigs is to eat them!

OK, all this is obviously a load of crap. Pigs are highly intelligent social animals who want to live. They’re playful and curious, and they love their families. So the best thing that you can really do for pigs is leave bacon, hot dogs, sausage, ham, and other pork products off your plate. That’s enough to make anyone jump for joy!

And that’s NOT sarcasm.

Want to help pigs? Stop eating them! And be sure to share this page with your friends and family today.

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