17 Photos That Bust Animal Rights Myths

Check out these vegans who show how easy it is to be cruelty-free, regardless of age, career, interests, hobbies, or location:

1. Because you can eat well without hurting animals …

I’m a chef, but I don’t serve meat.

Vegan Chef Animal Rights Myths

2.Because compassion doesn’t have an age requirement …

I’m a kid and I don’t like the circus.

Child Circus Animal Rights Myths

3. Because cholesterol can kill you …

I’m a doctor, and I recommend a plant-based diet.

Doctor Veganism Animal Rights Myths

4. Because running should be for fun, not forced …

I love horses, but I don’t support horse racing.

Horse Racing Vegan Animal Rights Myth

5. Because death is cruel no matter how instantaneous …

I’m Jewish, and I don’t support any slaughter, even if it’s kosher.

Jewish Kosher Animal Slaughter Vegan Animal Rights Myth

6. Because animals should be friends, not food …

We’re kids, and we’re vegan.

vegan kids Animal Rights Myths

7. Because being thankful shouldn’t be painful …

I celebrate Thanksgiving, but I don’t eat turkey.

thanksgiving Vegan Animal Rights Myth

8. Because kids deserve a healthy start …

I’m pregnant and will raise my child vegan.

Vegan diet while pregnant Animal Rights Myths

9. Because baby calves shouldn’t be separated from their mothers …

I’m from Wisconsin, but I don’t eat cheese.

Wisconsin Cheese Vegan Animal Rights Myth

10. Because healthy muscles don’t come from fat and cholesterol …

I’m a powerlifter, and I get my protein from plants.

power lifter Vegan Animal Rights Myth

11. Because friends shouldn’t eat friends …

I’m a dog, and I’m vegan. Don’t eat my friends!

Kiwanis Vegan Dog Animal Rights Myth

12. Because beauty doesn’t have to hurt bunnies …

It’s from a box but not tested on animals.

Hair dye Vegan Animal Rights Myth

13. Because you should love ALL neighbors, not just human ones …

I’m Catholic, but I don’t give up meat just for Lent—and I don’t eat fish!

Catholic Fish and meat Vegan Animal Rights Myth

14. Because strong bones shouldn’t come at the expense of someone else’s …

I run marathons, but I don’t drink cow’s milk.

Cows milk, runner, Vegan Animal Rights Myth

15. Because there’s more to New England than seafood …

I’m from Maine and I don’t eat lobster!

Maine Lobsters Vegan Animal Rights Myth

16. Because freedom is the right of ALL beings …

I’m a veteran, but I don’t support animal use in trauma training.

Veteran Animal rights myth

17. Because you’re prettiest in your own skin …

I’m a model and I don’t wear fur!Vegan Myth Model Picture

Vegans come in all shapes and sizes—no matter your age or background, it’s easy to make the switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle and save countless animals every year. If you need help getting started, check out our two-week vegan meal plan or some of our delicious vegan recipes to help you make the transition.

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