PETA Urges Gucci’s Owner to Stop Peddling Skins Stolen From Violently Slaughtered Snakes

Kering can claim to care about animal welfare all it wants, but it can’t slither away from the truth: There’s no such thing as “humane” exotic skins.

Video: Foal of Rescued Horse Turns Soccer Prodigy—See His Impressive Footwork!

Watch this young foal impress his sanctuary caretakers with his prodigious soccer skills. Thanks to help from PETA India and Animal Rahat, he’s safe, loved, and doing what he loves most.

White House Egg Roll Used 64,000 Eggs Amid Rising Bird Flu Fears

Should the White House be using eggs in the annual egg roll amid the biggest bird flu outbreak in history? PETA cracks down on the vile egg industry.

From Seedling to Superstar: 20 Years of Vegan Inspiration From PETA’s Mascot

It’s International Carrot Day! PETA’s vivacious veggie mascot Chris P. Carrot is rooting for everyone to join him in his mission to save animals and the planet.

PETA Latino Blasts Rome With Provocative Anti-Bullfighting Ad

Arenas hold bullfights in “honor” of saints, but the blood sport celebrates sin. Learn how PETA Latino is urging Catholics to live in line with their values.

5 Reasons Never to Buy Wool

The planet is on fire, and the wool industry wants to keep it that way. Here are the five biggest reasons why you should never wear wool.

Copenhagen Fashion Week Bans Exotic Skins and Feathers

Copenhagen Fashion Week just decided to set an example for the fashion world.

Cat Safety TKO: UFC Star Irene Aldana Throws Down for Cats and Wildlife in PETA Ad

UFC star Irene Aldana throws down the gauntlet, delivering a powerful ad that not only protects cats but also takes up the fight to preserve wildlife.

Photo: © Edelberto Francisco || Suazo Ibarro
‘Too Shocking for TV’? PETA Latino’s Bullfighting PSA Is Rejected, yet Bull Torture Remains Televised

Two major broadcasters chose not to air a PSA against bullfighting—yet they televise the bloody “sport.” Here’s why PETA Latino’s calling “bull.”

60 Years of Abuse at SeaWorld: Meet 60 Animals Who’ve Suffered There

As SeaWorld celebrates its 60th anniversary, PETA names 60 animals who’ve suffered in the company’s tanks. Learn more about the misery they’ve endured.

Are Human Lives at Risk Due to Research Misconduct in Animal Experiments?

Is a former Cornell dean performing clinical trials on humans based on falsified data from experiments on animals? PETA is pushing NIH to investigate.

Manya Rescued From a Snowdrift in Ukraine: Watch Her Jaw-Dropping Recovery

Manya the dog’s tale went from hopeless to hopeful, thanks to a PETA-supported clinic.

PETA’s Oscat Awards: A Closer Look at This Year’s Standout Films for Animal Advocacy

Get ready to roll out the red carpet as we celebrate the most animal-friendly films of the year at the Oscat Awards!

‘Eat a Chicken and the Penguin Gets It,’ Proclaims New PETA Billboard

Penguins in Antarctica have begun dying from bird flu—and Big Meat is wealthier than ever. Are we going to let it cause the next pandemic?

Instagram Fundraising

Get step-by-step instructions for using Instagram to fundraise for PETA’s vital work for animals.

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