Why Berlin Fashion Week 2026 Will Be Unforgettable

Berlin Fashion Week joins other fashion events to shift industry standards toward compassion.

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Animal Companions
This Adoptable Pig Won’t Be Going ‘Back to Black’—Meet Amy Swinehouse

A kind but unprepared person acquired this pot-bellied pig on impulse from an online “rehoming” ad and kept her in a concrete pen. Now PETA is finding Amy a permanent home—where she’ll never go “back to black.”

Senseless Violence: El Paso Student Beats Family Dog While a Peer Films

Authorities have removed the dog from the home, and police are investigating a group of students in connection with the beating.

Here’s Everything Animal Experimenters Don’t Want You to Know About Craniotomies

Experimenters are drilling holes into animals’ skulls and implanting electrodes in their brains. But these procedures do nothing to help human patients.

TeachKind Sends Humane Education Materials and Urgent Plea to Local School Administrator After Peers Record Teen Shooting Cat

After a group of teens filmed a peer fatally shooting a family cat in Salem, Oregon, TeachKind sprang into action.

Desperation in the Desert: Donkeys and Dogs Endure Two Crises

For five long days, working donkeys were denied water and local dogs were found suffering from a rabies outbreak.

TeachKind Sends South Carolina School Districts Humane Education Materials After Teens Set Opossum on Fire

TeachKind’s response to this shocking incident was swift, and the ball’s now in the local school administrators’ court. Here’s what they need to do to help prevent future violence.

Everyone Is Talking About PETA’s New Mug—Here’s How to Get Yours

Rats deserve our respect, compassion, and protection. Show your support for them by getting PETA’s trending mug!

With Abundance of Evidence That Dairy Raises Risk of Cancer, PETA Petitions FDA to Include Warning

Research on the health impacts of dairy has revealed results that will make your blood run cold, so we’re insisting that the FDA labels clearly state the risks.

The ‘I Love Timothy!’ Club Keeps Growing—Are You This Adoptable Dog’s #1 Fan?

Timothy’s got a fan in everyone he meets, from PETA fieldworkers to fellow furry friends. Are you the one who’ll boost him from friend to family?

PETA Urges Gucci’s Owner to Stop Peddling Skins Stolen From Violently Slaughtered Snakes

Kering can claim to care about animal welfare all it wants, but it can’t slither away from the truth: There’s no such thing as “humane” exotic skins.

Video: Foal of Rescued Horse Turns Soccer Prodigy—See His Impressive Footwork!

Watch this young foal impress his sanctuary caretakers with his prodigious soccer skills. Thanks to help from PETA India and Animal Rahat, he’s safe, loved, and doing what he loves most.

White House Egg Roll Used 64,000 Eggs Amid Rising Bird Flu Fears

Should the White House be using eggs in the annual egg roll amid the biggest bird flu outbreak in history? PETA cracks down on the vile egg industry.

From Seedling to Superstar: 20 Years of Vegan Inspiration From PETA’s Mascot

It’s International Carrot Day! PETA’s vivacious veggie mascot Chris P. Carrot is rooting for everyone to join him in his mission to save animals and the planet.

PETA Latino Blasts Rome With Provocative Anti-Bullfighting Ad

Arenas hold bullfights in “honor” of saints, but the blood sport celebrates sin. Learn how PETA Latino is urging Catholics to live in line with their values.

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