Video Shows How Far Pigs Will Go to Protect Their Friends From Death

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If you had a chance to save a friend or family member from certain death, wouldn’t you take it?

This appears to be the scenario in a video from Southwest China in which a pig charges two men who are moments away from apparently slaughtering another pig.

In the video, two men can be seen holding down an obviously frightened pig they appear to be about to slaughter. As the helpless animal screams, another pig rushes the two men and continues charging them until the restrained animal is released. The heroic animal nips at one of the men to keep him at bay before going over to check on the rescued pig.

News reports claim that the incident happened late last December in the Banan district in Chongqing, southwest China, but provided no further information about the outcome for these pigs. We can only imagine what happened once the camera was turned off.

Put the hypocrisy to rest. Pigs are just as deserving of compassion as any other sentient being.

Time and again, we’ve seen evidence of animals doing everything that they can to escape certain death. Shouldn’t we respect their desire to be free of abuse and suffering?

Just like all other animals, pigs will attempt to preserve their lives at all costs. And why wouldn’t they? They’re social creatures, and when given the chance, they live in groups and form unique bonds with friends and family members that are just as valid as our own.

Like the dogs and cats who live in our homes, pigs can be loyal, playful, and affectionate companions. Pigs like to cuddle and snuggle up, nose to nose, with one another when they sleep. They communicate emotions like excitement and happiness with other pigs, and piglets love to chase each other, play-fight, and roll down hills. And just like humans or any other animal, pigs are completely capable of feeling pain and fear.

Most people don’t want to contribute to cruelty to animals, but anyone who eats meat supports the most violent forms of abuse, such as castration without painkillers and tail and ear mutilations, which are all done on today’s farms. If you wouldn’t castrate animals or slit their throats yourself, please don’t pay others to do it for you.

We all can act as heroically as the pig in this story did.

If you’re not already vegan, make the compassionate switch today! The best way to show all animals some real respect is to stop eating them. PETA will help you get there with a free vegan starter kit.

Being vegan is not just about leaving animals alone. On the contrary, the ethical thing to do in many situations is what the pig in this story did—come to animals’ aid and try to give them the lives that they’re entitled to.

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