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So you’ve probably heard that the Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport (DFW) is having financial problems. And what is PETA if not a helping hand? We’ve asked the airport if they’d be so inclined as to sell advertisements in their bathrooms, and if so, we’re first in line! While folks are busy evacuating (and forgive me, but we’re not talking hurricane routes here), they could read about the benefits of a vegan diet, ensuring them less stuffed-up feeling (and we’re not talking about a summer cold) and much happier insides (not to mention a happier environment and a longer life). Check out our suggested ad below:




Here’s our letter to the DFW CEO. Let us know what you think.

August 18, 2008
Jeffrey Fegan, CEO
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Dear Mr. Fegan:

We at PETA are sorry to hear that the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is experiencing financial difficulties, but I have a proposal that might help. While DFW doesn’t currently have bathroom advertisements, we’d like to suggest them as a new revenue source, and we’d like to be the first to buy space. The ad we’d like to run on bathroom stall doors (attached) promotes the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. The ad makes the point that one of the many health hazards of eating beef—as well as other meats and animal products—is an increased risk of colon cancer.

The scientific evidence linking meat to society’s most severe health problems, including colon cancer, is extensive. A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology identified “red meat intake and white meat intake as important dietary risk factors for colon cancer ….” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that a “vegetarian and fiber-rich diet and a decreased risk for colon cancer has been reported in many studies.” According to the American Dietetic Association, vegetarians have “lower rates of death from ischemic heart disease” as well as “lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and lower rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer” than meat-eaters do.

There are other important reasons to promote vegetarianism. In addition to being rotten for your health, meat-eating is also murder on animals and the environment. Chickens and turkeys often have their throats cut while still conscious and are scalded to death, pigs have their teeth broken off and their tails and testicles cut off without any painkillers, and cows are often skinned alive. Furthermore, a recent UN scientific study concluded that raising animals for food causes more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, SUVs, ships, and airplanes in the world combined. Bathroom advertising is an emerging trend in a variety of public places—restaurants, bars, and even airports, including JFK in New York. Will you please consider running our ad in bathroom stalls at DFW? Not only would the ad raise revenue for the struggling airport, it would also potentially help airline passengers stay healthy and able to travel for years to come. Please contact me as soon as possible to discuss pricing and how we can proceed with placing this ad. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Tracy Reiman
Executive Vice President

Written by Christine Doré

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