Ten Tips to Help Animals on 10/10/10

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In honor of 10/10/10, here are 10 easy ways to get active for animals this weekend and beyond:

  1. Buy a house—a doghouse, that is. Every year, PETA builds and delivers hundreds of straw-filled doghouses for dogs who are chained outdoors in the cold, all winter long—dogs who might otherwise have only a metal barrel or a piece of plywood as shelter from the wind, snow, and storms. So how about sponsoring a doghouse?
  2. “Write” animal wrongs. Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword, so take every opportunity to educate and protest by writing letters to newspapers, businesses, and legislators.
  3. Purge and splurge. Make over your make-up bag and medicine cabinet with cruelty-free cosmetics and personal-care products. Lose any gruesome garb (made with leather, wool, fur, and silk) and stock up on stylin’ synthetics instead.
  4. Take the 30-Day Pledge to Be Veg. If you’re already vegan, convince others to take the plunge. FYI, pitching the pledge over a delicious vegan dinner is a tasty and effective way to make your case!
  5. Enlighten eavesdroppers. Within earshot of other shoppers in the checkout line, talk with a friend about factory farming. Spreading compassion is as easy as spreading the word.
  6. Come to the rescue. You never know when you might come across an injured animal, so program numbers into your phone for the local SPCA or humane society, local police and animal control, and local wildlife rehabilitators (numbers are available from humane societies).
  7. Demand change for your dollar. Don’t support any companies that contribute to the suffering of animals (we’re talking to you, KFC, McDonald’s, Ringling, and PetSmart). Urge others to boycott animal-abusing companies, and let the objects of your boycott know that they have lost your business.
  8. Get active online. Place our banners on your website, stream PETA videos on your personal page, and link to PETA.org in your e-mail signature.
  9. Nurture nature. Enjoy autumn and help animals at the same time by taking a nature walk and tackling the task of picking up fishing tackle, soda cans, six-pack rings, and other debris that can injure animals.
  10. Be neighborly. Odds are good that somewhere in your neighborhood there’s a forgotten Fido who’s chained outside 24/7. Offer to walk the dog and encourage your neighbors to bring him or her indoors. Make sure the dog has food, fresh water, and adequate shelter. Look for signs of abuse and report neglect to authorities immediately.

And why stop at 10? There are a million more things you can do to help animals right now!  

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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