PETA Predicts ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Finale

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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the series finale of Battlestar Galactica, do not read any further. Simply look at the photos below, then leave a comment telling us which public service announcement is your fave, Tricia “Six” Helfer’s or Jamie “Lee Adama” Bamber’s.

So the greatest show in the history of the universe, Battlestar Galatica, has come to an end, and now I have no idea what the frak I’m going to do with my Friday nights. (Wait, did someone just whisper Dollhouse into my ear?)

I loved that an underlying theme of the series was mankind’s failure to learn from our mistakes and that it was our worst traits that led directly to our unraveling again and again. That leads me to lovely Tricia Helfer’s character, Six, and the character everyone loves to hate, Gaius. Isn’t it ironic that a version of the Six Cylon and Gaius would end up being angels (naughty, naughty angels) who would start the cataclysmic events that would end humankind? I think someone here at PETA anticipated that Tricia’s character would turn out to be an angel; after all, we did ask her to star in our first-ever “Angel for Animals” ad in behalf of felines long before the finale was in sight.

The finale, while amazing, left me with mixed feelings. I was so excited to watch it, but at the same time, I was sad that the show had come to an end. I admit that I expected more … um … well, more carnage. I was positive that all the humans were actually Cylons, and I was convinced that more of the prominent cast members would die. And I kept thinking that the Cylons had one last sinister plot up their sleeve. Or that they were going to blow up the Galactica and kill everyone. I’m so glad I was wrong!

I would have been devastated if they had killed off my favorite characters, like Helo (did someone mention Dollhouse again?) and Lee “Apollo” Adama (aka Jamie Bamber), who, by the way, looked amazing in the last few episodes (and is by far the cuter of the two Adama boys), but not as good, of course, as when he took it all off to speak up for bears who are killed for their fur in the super-hot “Bare Skin, Not Bear Skin” ad. Oh, Jamie. And I love that, like every episode before, they kept us guessing. Well done, BSG writers!

As pretty as Tricia’s ad is, Jamie’s is still my favorite. Sigh. Check out their ads below and then tell us which one is your favorite. The reader with the most convincing response will win a copy of the ad of their choice.

Jamie Bamber


Tricia Helfer

You can enter the contest by posting a comment before April 13, 2009. We’ll contact the winner on April 14, 2009. By commenting, you are agreeing to the contest terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Thanks for some awesome television, BSG. I miss you already.

Written by Patricia Trostle

P.S. I have to say that I think the high point of the finale for me was when Chief strangled Tory for shooting Cally out the airlock. I actually yelled out, “Yes! Finally!” It made my night.

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