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You know, we’ve been partnering with and recently gave out a PETA Citizen Journalism Award to Cate Stewart, who published a fantastic essay about clean meat on Helium. You can read this award-winning essay here:

Would you eat animal-stem-cell–grown “clean meat” to protect animals and the environment?
Yes, I would definitely eat “clean meat.” I’m all for saving animals. And, by growing our own meat, we can save animals from slaughter and pain, and keep them from going extinct. If there was the option of “clean meat” I would buy it without hesitation. It would be a great alternative to eating an animal. If the public’s knowledge of “clean meat” increases, it could be sold in restaurants and grocery stores around the world and make the market a healthier place. This would be an amazing way to feed humans and to help animals. “Clean meat” is an all-around fantastic idea. If we could grow our own meats, there would be less of a risk of food poisoning and disease, because “clean meat” would not be contaminated with feces and would be the first disease-free meat. Imagine how wonderful that would be! No more worrying about what the meat you eat has in it, because you know that there’s no way disease could be inside. And even if you don’t worry about the meat you eat, you will not get sick, as you potentially could. If the “Clean Meat” could provide us with the proper nutrition and proteins needed in a daily diet, I would not hesitate to become a consumer of this product. I also like the idea of “clean meat” because “clean meat” is green meat and would not pollute rivers and streams, use up ground water, or cause deforestation as usual meat production would do. It would also cease the pollution that meat packing plants, slaughter houses, and meat shipping trucks make and we would have less waste from the animal carcasses that are left after slaughter. It would help everyone, from humans, to animals, to the environment. It would also be something to eat for people like me, who can not give up meat for health reasons or for people who do not wish to give up meat for their own personal reasons. Vegans and Vegetarians could eat this meat too, since you do not have to kill an animal to make “clean meat”. What a wonderful world! PETA, with the help of scientists, can make this happen, and it will help make a better planet and a healthier population. I am convinced that this is the future of our food, and saving the Earth and its inhabitants is essential. I urge you to look into “clean meat” and consider eating it when it becomes available. You can make a difference.

Posted by Christine Doré

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