WTF: Star of Netflix’s ‘GLOW’ Is an Unapologetic Cat Man

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Funnyman Marc Maron is getting rave reviews for his role on Netflix original series GLOW. He plays Sam Sylvia, a struggling B-movie director with a vision. We may never know what sort of animal companion Sam might have, but it’s well known that Marc is drawn to cats. He’s dubbed his WTF podcast home studio the “Cat Ranch,” and his love for furry felines seems to be mutual.

Marc sees his relationship with the cats who share his home very specifically, acknowledging how his personality fits with theirs:

I’m fairly brash … but my cats and I have a specific relationship. The things that I like about cats is that they’re endlessly sort of interesting because you don’t know what’s going on with them, but also that I find that the relationship being kind of on the cat’s terms, I kind of respect that. … I’m not that delicate a guy, you know what I mean? And because of that, my cats are a little nuts.

Watch PETA’s exclusive animated video and hear Marc talk about spaying and neutering … and circumcision … and Manischewitz.

The simplest way to make a difference is to have all your animal companions spayed or neutered.

Think of it this way: Every puppy or kitten who is born will either end up homeless or—if he or she is lucky enough to find a family—take a place in a home that could have been given to an animal waiting in a shelter. Every spay or neuter surgery prevents many generations of animals from being born, meaning that fewer dogs and cats enter the world only to end up in animal shelters, starve on the streets, or suffer at the hands of humans who abuse or neglect them.

More and more counties and cities all over the country are actively addressing the animal overpopulation crisis and requiring people who choose not to spay or neuter to register as a breeder and pay a hefty fee. The great news is that areas with mandatory spay/neuter laws have reported a significant reduction in the number of animals who are taken to facilities and euthanized.

A national organization called SpayUSA helps guardians of animal companions who need assistance with the cost of spaying and neutering. Visit or call toll-free at 1-800-248-SPAY (7729).

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