At Least 12 People Inevitably Injured in Chaotic Bull Run

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In the latest incident in which animal abusers have reaped instant karma, at least 12 people were injured in a recent running of the bulls festival in Peru’s Huancavelica region.

According to reports, the injuries occurred during the “Jala Toro” act, in which a person riding a horse outside the ring yanks a bull around by a rope tied to the animal’s horns. Local media noted some of those injured were also intoxicated.

In the video, two bulls are seen thrashing about a dense crowd of spectators. A bull gores a man in his backside and drags him along the ground. Even among loud screams, the people continue to taunt the bulls.

Despite the injuries, other cruel bullfights and bull runs will continue throughout the weeklong festival.

These events are bloody, violent, and archaic spectacles.

Torturous bull runs and bullfights are condemned by the public internationally—and with good reason. In Spain’s infamous bull runs, for instance, bulls who are chased by screaming participants down the narrow streets—slipping and sliding, crashing into walls, and breaking bones—will be tortured and killed in the town’s bullring shortly afterward.

Imagine how the bulls must feel at the end of a bullfight when a sword is plunged into their necks, backs, and bodies again and again until blood is pouring from their wounds and mouth. They’re terrified, they’re in excruciating pain, and they don’t want to die. But they can’t run away.

After falling to the ground from exhaustion and massive blood loss, they can only watch and wait as another knife rips into their spinal cord with the aim of killing them. Often, they’re still alive but paralyzed as they’re dragged from the ring by their horns and their tail and ears are cut off to be given to the matador. This is the experience of thousands of bulls every year, and there is simply no excuse for this suffering.

What You Can Do

Never attend a bull run or bullfight, and avoid other events in which animals are exploited or killed for profit.

Public sentiment against bullfighting has prompted bans in numerous regions of the world. Help PETA end bullfights and other events that involve the suffering of these magnificent animals.

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