Kids Speak Out Against Ringling

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Kids love animals—so if anyone told them the truth about what goes on behind the scenes, they would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to circuses like Ringling Bros.




Over at, we recently asked kids what they thought about circuses, and the results were too cute not to share!

“I feel sad for those elefants. The circus people should get in bad trouble! We will never go to a circus with animals in it.” Donna Rhoades, age 5, Conway, Missouri

“[I] think people that put elephants n circus acts are so dumb and stupid and one day every thing is gonna come back for what they did grrrr!!!.” Dalila Solorio, age 11, Baja, California

“My mom talked to me about the cruelty that happens to the animals at the circus, when they were in my town. I decided I would rather not go, than know that I was watching them harm the animals!” Sydni Denman-Moyer, age 6, Villa Hills, Kentucky

“Circuses that abuse animals make me SO sad. Elephants don’t belong in a circus; they want to be with their families and live in the place they were born. People who abuse animals should be ashamed and sent somewhere to think about what they’ve done!” Bea Kubasik, age 4, South Portland, Maine

“What the Ringling Bros do to the Elephants it should be done back to them. Ex. poking them with it Bullhook.” Emilie Daniel, age 11, Ontario, Canada

“I think circuses are very bad because animals can die there and they take babies away from their mamas. I never go to circuses.” Francis Ménard, age 7, Québec, Canada

“I don’t think it’s right that they abuse animals like that because the animals are alive and they have feelings. I just wish the circuses would be banned for life. [PETA] thank you so much for trying to help these animals.” Isabel Simon, age 7, San Diego, California

“I think someone should put the circus people in a circus and let the animals go!” Xavier Finch, age 10, Lincoln Park, Michigan

“I think if they’re mean to any animal they should go to jail. No one should go to the circus” Michael Cioffi, age 6, West Haverstraw, New York

“[I] think abusers are losers!!!!” Lupita Mesa, age 12, Stockton, California

If you want to educate your kids about why elephants, tigers, bears, and other animals shouldn’t be forced to perform cruel, unnatural tricks at the circus—but don’t want to show them the disturbing undercover footage—order our Circus Activity Booklet.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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