Carrie Underwood Gets a Special Gift From Paul McCartney

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Carrie Underwood has a new song in her heart, courtesy of Paul McCartney. “The Cute Beatle” sent the country darling a personal letter giving her his blessing to sing “Yesterday” at the Emmys. Carrie did a beautiful cover of the tune but insists that the best part was the note from Paul, which she will always treasure. Considering that practically everyone cites the Beatles as a musical influence and would love to have an actual Beatle’s blessing to cover their tunes, we have a sneaking suspicion that the fact that Carrie is vegan and a fellow animal rights advocate might have had something to do with Paul’s decision.

Paul McCartney Photo © 2007 MPL Communications Ltd./Max Vadukul | Carrie Underwood Photo ©

In other Hollywood news:

  • Celeb chef Alton Brown is giving the thumbs-up to Beyond Meat. The Food Network’s Good Eats star cooked up all three varieties of chicken-free strips and gave the products high marks, saying, “If you could consume a product that tasted and chewed like chicken in, say, half of your at-home or restaurant meals, would you? And what if that product delivered healthy protein with no antibiotics, cholesterol, trans fats, or saturated fat, yet required only a fraction of the resources to produce while creating little waste or environmental risks? Why wouldn’t you?”

It seems many other stars were wondering this week, “Why wouldn’t you tweet in support of animal issues?”

  • The director of the highly anticipated new film GravityAlfonso Cuarón, knows that his decisions have, well, gravity. Alfonso is vegetarian, and while we don’t know if he chose his diet for animals, the environment, or his own health, they all seem like great reasons to us.
  • And speaking of greats, a couple of PETA’s favorite athletes might be having one of the greatest seasons of their careers. Our buddy Candace Parker just scooped up her second trophy for being the Most Valuable Player in the WNBA, and Chase Utley, who is having a remarkable season, is watching as his name is tossed around as a Hall of Fame contender. It’s just further proof that animal advocates always come out on top.
  • Here’s one for the cat ladies: New York magazine published its list of “The 50 Most Fabulous (and Famous) Cat Ladies of All Time.” Enjoy!

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