Brookstone Customer: Feeding Frogs Not ‘Crucial’

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Victory Update: Following a national PETA campaign against Brookstone’s sale of Frog-O-Spheres —tiny plastic boxes containing two African dwarf frogs—the retailer has discontinued the sale of these little frog prisons in its stores. Learn more about this victory for frogs.

The following is a guest post from peta2’s Rachel.

Quick! Think on your toes! What things in life do you hold dear? Is it friendship or family—or even just plain old freedom? All good things … and pretty essential, right?

Frogs imprisoned in Brookstone’s tiny tanks being so brilliantly marketed as “Frog-O-Spheres” are denied all of those things, even though they desire them as much as you or I. Why? To make a quick buck, of course.

Brookstone, what will it take to get you to stop supporting cruelty to animals? It’s not just us at PETA who are concerned—it’s your own employees, your customers, and millions of others who’ve seen our recent undercover investigation into the supplier your Frog-O-Sphere prisoners come from—where these frogs were seen being thrown around carelessly and even tossed into the garbage while they were still alive. Brookstone, the complaints don’t just come to us—they come to you. Check out some of the more concerning/awful/just-plain-dumb comments from the Frog-O-Sphere review page on Brookstone’s Web site:

“Our family cat knocked over the tank and ‘played’ with the the frogs for over three hours. I was able to find the frogs (scattered through the house), who were still alive??”

“It’s hard to keep track of which frog ate however many pebbles and making sure the other one got enough. … I guess it’s not that crucial though ….”

“My grandsons received this as a gift and we thought the ‘living gravel’ was the packing pouch of black/brown stuff. We almost killed the frogs before we started.

“A lot of people on here have said that their snail has died. It’s VERY common for the snail to die, they told me that at the store.”

Luckily, in large part because of e-mails and calls from people like you, Brookstone stopped selling snails in its tiny frog prisons, but frogs are still dying. Please call Brookstone and ask it why, after undercover investigations, employee concerns, and comments on its own Web site about frogs suffering and dying, it refuses to stop selling animals. Ask the company to do the right thing now.

Written by Rachel Owen

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