Breast Milk Headlines Explode After Ben & Jerry’s Letter

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So, last month we sent off a letter to Ben & Jerry’s to urge the ice cream giant to drop cow’s milk from its menu and start churning out recipes that use the only milk intended for human consumption—breast milk. It’s a pretty simple concept to grasp. I mean, you don’t see doctors taking newborn babes from their mothers’ arms and suckling them up to a cow in a “drinking room” next to the infants ward. C’mon! That’s absurd. Really.

Our letter to the company has garnered so much attention—and by that I mean impossible-to-walk-down-the-street-without-someone-asking-questions sort of attention—that stories about breast milk have been popping up everywhere! Not that we like to brag—OK, we love it!—but I do think our buxom beaut of an idea got the ball rolling.

Whether it’s Angelina Jolie breast-feeding for a W magazine cover, the illegal duplication of breastfeeding pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears (which has prompted a federal pornography investigation), or—my personal favorite—the guy-next-door who sells his wife’s breast milk for money (these are hard times, folks), stories about breast milk are spreading through the newspapers like a wildfire!

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Breastfeeding is the best choice for human babies and for cows suffering on dairy farms, whose calves are stolen from them so that their milk can be used in infant formulas and other unhealthy products.

Of course, one of our favorite writings about breast milk appears in PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk’s newest book, One Can Make a Difference. Check it out: An entire chapter in the book focuses on how human breast milk is better for babies than cow’s milk is: A pediatrician in India in the 80s found that if she urged people to switch from formula and animal’s milk to human breast milk (she even started a human-breast-milk bank!), she could reduce incidences of diarrhea—which were leading to deaths! Deadly diarrhea—do you really think that does a body good? Neither do we.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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