Urge Ottawa Comiccon to Stop Selling Animals!

Urge Ottawa Comiccon to do the right thing by ending the display and sale of live animals at its event.

Countless Rattlesnakes Slaughtered in Cruel Events Across the Country—Speak Up!

Let the event organizers and officials in the following cities know that you’re appalled by their support of this carnage. Urge them to scrap the events and leave these animals in peace.

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Tell Retailer Ocean State Job Lot to Stop Selling Deadly Glue Traps!

Ocean State Job Lot sells glue traps, which cause mice, birds, squirrels, and other small animals to endure agonizing pain and die slowly.

Bald Eagles in Highfill, Arkansas, May Be in Danger—Act Now!

Please contact city officials urging them to safeguard these beautiful, federally protected birds.

Update: Orcas Trapped in Ice in Japan Have Escaped Danger!

Update (February 7, 2024): Thank you to everyone who contacted officials in Japan regarding the group of orcas who were trapped in thick sea ice. News sources now report that some of the ice melted or shifted enough that the orcas were able to escape! These magnificent animals are now free to live as nature … Read more »

Urge Your U.S. Representative to Help Ban Cruel Glue Traps Now!

Urge your U.S. representative to cosponsor the Glue Trap Prohibition Act today!

Frogs in Tiny Boxes: Demand That Ace Hardware Stop Selling Them!

Urge Ace Hardware to stop selling live frogs immediately!

Canadians: Help Get Cruel Glue Traps Banned!

Help prevent wildlife from being killed by glue traps!

Urge Oglebay Resort to Stop Feeding Wildlife

Update (November 27, 2023): Unfortunately, decisionmakers at Oglebay Resort apparently decided to move forward with the deer slaughter, despite our best efforts to persuade them to consider humane alternatives. Please continue to contact Oglebay’s management asking that they do better in the future and that they discourage the feeding of deer and any other wildlife … Read more »

UPDATE: Turtles Rescued in Luray, Virginia!

A PETA representative and volunteers were able to rescue the animals, saving them from a harrowing fate of being buried alive or crushed to death.

JCPenney Uses Cruel Devices That Kill Animals—Act Now!
Tell Congress to Support the Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act!

Urge your members of Congress to cosponsor and push forward this important legislation.

UPDATE: Birds Trapped and Dying at Connecticut Post Mall!

Please politely urge mall management to intervene immediately!

Victory: Pasadena City Council Says NO to Killing Coyotes!

Please e-mail your city council member and insist that the city stick to humane, effective, nonlethal methods of coyote control.

URGENT: Speak Out Against Alleged Bird Poisoning in Nevada!

PETA has asked representatives at Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas to abandon poisoning initiatives, but we are being ignored. Please politely urge management to remove any avicides immediately.

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