PETA Rapid Action: Urge Officials to Close Live-Animal Markets NOW

Deadly diseases can be bred at live-animal markets in the U.S., just like in “wet markets” where the COVID-19 pandemic likely began. Let’s get them closed.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals
URGENT: Sign the Petition to Shut Down Live-Animal Meat Markets

“Wet markets,” where live and dead animals are sold for human consumption, are perfect breeding grounds for diseases.

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals
Tell Health Officials to Shut Down Filthy NYC Live-Animal Markets

Help shut down New York City’s cruel and dangerous live-animal markets.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals
Tell Mamba That Gelatin Makes You Sour

Mamba is adding gelatin to its candies. Tell parent company August Storck that you were sweet on the traditional vegan recipe and are sour that it added gelatin.

Video: Nonstop Misery, Filth, Suffering in Decrepit Indiana Pig Farm

Please urge JBS USA to take meaningful action today to mitigate pigs’ suffering.

PETA Rapid Action: Quick Ways to Help Crabs and Lobsters

Want to help crabs and lobsters used for food? Worried about hermit crabs in the pet industry? This page makes it easy to take action for crustaceans.

Cows Are Dying for Milk and Cheese—Take Action to Help Stop Cruelty

As Americans are ditching the cruel dairy industry in droves, there’s never been a better time to take action to help cows suffering for milk and cheese.

PETA Rapid-Action: Quick, Easy Ways to Help Insects Now

You wouldn’t hurt a fly, but will you take a minute to help one? If you care about protecting all animals, great and small, take action now to help bugs.

Ask Popular Pizza Chains to Add Vegan Options!

Please urge Pizzerias including California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Marco’s Pizza, and Cicis to add vegan cheese and tasty vegan toppings to their menus.

© emholk-1
Ask Frozen Yogurt Chains to Add Vegan Options!

Please urge popular frozen yogurt shops Freshens, Menchie’s, and Bananas Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt to add delicious flavors made from coconut, soy, cashew, and almond milk!

Update: 11 Koi Rescued From Abandoned Pond in Cumming!

With the help of Home Partners of America, which permitted access to a vacant rental property in Cumming, 11 neglected koi were removed from a dangerous situation.

Ask Starbucks to Stop Charging Extra for Vegan Milk!

Unlike many of its competitors, Starbucks typically charges customers 60 cents extra for drinks made with vegan milk. Please urge it to stop.

Help Chickens Killed for Meat and Eggs With These PETA Action Alerts

In the meat and egg industries, billions of chickens are killed every year. Learn more, and take action today to help countless birds raised for food.

Kroger Still Doing Business With Egg Company That Left Hens to Die Amid Feces and Corpses

Live hens were found amid rotting corpses in manure pits and filthy cages at Kroger egg supplier. As the temperature soared, thousands panted and died. Take action now!

Tell Panda Express to Stop Putting Meat in Its Veggie Dishes!

Please take a moment to urge Panda Express to make its veggie dishes vegan.

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