Demand That SkyTaxi Stop Flying Monkeys to Their Deaths in Laboratories

Please send a letter to SkyTaxi urging it to stop flying these animals to their deaths.

Don’t Let the FDA Demand More Tests on Animals to Keep Sunscreens on the Market—Speak Out!

Please urge the FDA not to ask for animal tests and to instead collaborate on the development of a non-animal testing approach that protects human health without harming animals.

© Doctors Against Animal Experiments
PETA to Colombian Government: Ban Capture of Monkeys for Biomedical Experiments

PETA shut down one miserable lab in Colombia and got the authorities to rescue all the animals. Now, we’ve uncovered another. We need your help to stop it from killing any more monkeys.

Obtained by PETA through a public records request to CORPOAMAZONIA
First-Ever Federal Convictions for Animal Supplier to Labs Breaks the Bank—Check Out PETA’s Win!

Following PETA’s investigation, the dog factory farm selling to labs closed and nearly 4,000 beagles were released for adoption—now we have a historic update.

African Airline With Ties to a Monkey-Smuggling Ring Ships Animals to Their Deaths

Please take action today to urge it to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories for use in cruel and deadly experiments.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
Animals Mutilated for Mangoes: Tell the National Mango Board to End Cruel Tests

Urge the National Mango Board to adopt a policy against conducting, funding, or commissioning any experiments on animals.

PETA Offered Sanctuary Placement; Experimenter Killed Baboons Instead

A medical school experimenter just killed mother baboons Jemma, Cookie, Toya, and Tara after torturing them for years in painful pregnancy experiments. Help us get his lab closed now.

Victory! UW-Madison’s Nightmarish Monkey Sleep Experiment Ends After PETA’s Push

Experimenters are channeling Freddy Krueger with a nightmarish sleep-deprivation experiment on tiny monkeys. Act now to stop this horror show.

Obtained by PETA through public records law
Don’t Buy Sanofi Products Until It Bans Near-Drowning of Small Animals

After you read this, you’ll leave IcyHot, Rolaids, Selsun blue, Gold Bond, Allegra, Nasacort, Aspercreme, and other over-the-counter Sanofi products off your shopping list.

Help Save Baby Monkeys Tormented in Strobe-Effect Experiment

Urge the director of the BRAIN Initiative to pull the plug on these pointless experiments.

VIDEO: Proposed Monkey Prison’s CEO Lies About His Role in Envigo Beagle Case

Please TAKE ACTION today and let Bainbridge city councilors know the proposed monkey prison is a terrible deal for monkeys and residents.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
Fouling Texas, Killing Monkeys: Charles River’s Plan for Massive Monkey Prison

Please help us stop Charles River: TAKE ACTION by contacting the U.S. Department of Agriculture today.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
How Much Will Your Black Friday Haul Cost? Animals Say, ‘Too Much’

No Black Friday deal is worth the suffering of sentient animals. This holiday, make sure your purchases don’t support cruelty.

Sweet Victory! Learn Which Bogus Tests on Animals We Ended in Taiwan

The comment period is now closed. Thank you to all who took action! We’ll keep you updated.

Find Out How to Stop NIH From Giving Your Money to Foreign Labs

For years, NIH has been letting you foot the bill for people who are in the business of killing in foreign lands. The CARGO Act can end this reign of terror.

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