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Animal-Friendly Holiday Décor

Make sure that you can say that no animals were harmed in the decorating of your home! Remembering animals will make the season that much brighter.

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DIY Vegan Laundry Detergent

Clean your clothes the animal-friendly way—sans lard, animal testing, or harmful chemicals—with this super-easy recipe.

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Vegan-Pride Home Decor

Show off your vegan pride around the house with these adorable accent pieces!

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Finding Animal-Friendly Housing

There are many online resources for animal guardians on the go. Good luck with the search for your next home—with room for everyone you care for!

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Stay Warm With Down-Free Bedding

For compassionate consumers, down-alternative comforters are the way to go. Have a cozy, guilt-free winter and lie down without the down!

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‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ Candle

What’s that smell? Why, the scent of compassion, of course. Burn this candle if you’re hot for animal rights.

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Tips for Humane, Nontoxic Ant Control

Check out these tips on how to keep ants outside the house without using toxic chemicals.

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A Garden Reminder: Many Lilies Are Toxic to Felines

Lilies are gorgeous—but did you know that many can be fatal to cats? Here’s how to keep your garden safe for feline friends.

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Decorate Like an Animal!

Forget bearskin rugs, leather couches, and oh-so-tasteless taxidermy. Decorate your home like an animal, not with them.

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A Plea for Lawn Safety

In the endless pursuit of attaining the perfect lawn, Americans can do a great deal of harm to the environment and unintentionally impact us all.

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