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Yes, I Suffer From Dessert Envy

Vegan bakeries are popping up all over the country. In many cities, vegans can walk right into what appears to be just your normal bakery, only to find that they can order anything on the menu. I’m obviously insanely jealous because the same is not true in Atlanta (why not?!). Sure, we have coffee shops and Cosmo’s that offer vegan baked goods from wholesale bakers, but I need a storefront. I need to walk in the door and see glass cases full of cakes, cookies, and brownies so that I can drool over each. Picking up one brownie covered in plastic wrap off a shelf isn’t quite the same as seeing endless, beautiful options.

People who live in D.C. are blessed to have seemingly endless, beautiful options because their city is home to the all-vegan Sticky Fingers Bakery. Yeah, I’m jealous of them too. You can read about Sticky Fingers and their delicious vegan Cinnamon Sticky Buns, Chocolate Love Cake, and I Dream of Cheesecake here, you’ll be jealous too.


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  • lyd says:

    As far as vegan bakeries(or the lack thereof) in Atlanta, I feel your pain. Recently though, I’ve found some awesome vegan desserts at Sevenanda(Little 5 Points) and Cafe Sunflower(Buckhead). Check them out! But you might want to avoid the brownies at Sevenanda. I didn’t like how dry they were.

    Good luck!

  • Mariya Williamson says:


    Have you thought of maybe printing out some of the info from and asking your mom to please have a look? It must be quite a strain to not have her on your side.

    Under my coaching during the recent years my mother gradually lowered the amount of fat she eats, increased the amount of uncooked veg, and is now patiently listening to what I have to say about cutting meat out 🙂 Although she is not too keen on that & refuses to watch any of the videos that actually made me stop on the spot.

    I have downloaded a lot of information from in the form of .pdf files (they retain the photos etc), I can email them to you if you think the idea might work.


  • Kaitlyn says:

    Well at least you guys are older, my mom doesn’t want me to be a vegitarian so I pretty much have to buy all my own vitamins and tofu and whatnot to stay healthy, otherwise I have to eat what she makes which since we live in Wisconsin either has a ton of cheese….or beef. Plus I agree you can almost never find a place that makes good vegitarian desserts and what is even harder, when I do I can’t eat most of them because I am allergic to chocolate. So this sight really does help though…I find a lot of really fun new recipes and ideas.

  • Mariya Kutreva-Williamson says:

    Dear Amy,

    The following might make you feel a bit better.

    I live in Sofia, Bulgaria (near Greece). We can get:
    – three shapes of soy-derived meat-analogue (mince, large & small chunks – you soak & boil them, they all taste the same)
    – one brand viennas
    – one brand ‘meatballs’
    – one brand ‘ham’ slices (which all share the exact same texture & just differ in shape)
    – one brand soy mayo
    – one brand soy yoghurt
    – 3 flavours tofu.

    Apart from that we have NOTHING. Not a thing. And I’m only talking vegetarian. Vegan is an unknown word. Totally. There is no egg-analogs, no huge selection of meat-analogue flavours, no tempeh, no seitan (although I made my own for the 1st time the other night!), no ice cream, no silken tofu for sauces & mousses, no bakery goodies, no all-year-round huge variety of fruit&veg.

    Oh, and NO organic anything. Which I could readily cry about.

    So, here’s envying YOU from halfway across the world 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed for countries like mine to someday catch up.