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Weight Loss Success Stories!

The only weight-loss plan that has been scientifically proved to take weight off and keep it off for more than a year is a vegetarian diet. Have you lost weight on a vegetarian diet? Tell us your story!

“It’s the easiest ‘diet’ I’ve ever been on—I saw results right away.”

Before: 200+ pounds, size 16
After: 134 pounds, size 6

Read Leah’s story

“I went from being a fast-food-loving meat-eater to a vegan overnight.”

Before: 200 pounds
After: 150 pounds

Read Ben’s story

“When I cut out dairy products and eggs, I had so much energy that it felt like I had a whole new body.”

Before: 175 pounds, size 14
After: 130 pounds, size 4

Read Reannon’s story

“I now participate in bodybuilding competitions and recently took second place in a local contest.”

Before: 210 pounds
After: 160 pounds

Read Mike’s story

“Six months after going vegan, I had the peaches-and-cream complexion that I thought I’d never have.”

Before: 167 pounds, size 14
After: 135 pounds, size 6

Read Randi’s story

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  • slmomma says:

    Went Vegan two years ago. Within 6 months went from over 200 lbs to 148. Changed my eating habits because I wanted to avoid Doctors and perscriptions. Best thing I have done! I have avoided taking 3 medications my doctors told me I needed. They gave me time to turn things around. This lifestyle change has been wonderful for me. I now run 5k’s and 10k’s. By the way I’m 50 years old! My family is slowly making the change too!

  • Sharon says:

    6 months of being a vegetarian and I’ve gained 3 kgs (6.6 lbs). Help!

  • kimsouthcott says:

    I started off vegetarian last year and segued into veganism after Christmas. Wow! I went from 150 lbs to under 130 and still losing weight. I bought new jeans last week and it looks like I’ll have to buy smaller clothes again pretty soon. The family is vegan now (the kid’s not happy but ma knows best). Anyway, I eat all I want and all I want is fruit, veggies, whole grains and legumes. Mmmm. I never thought I could give up meat but it was easy, used to love milk and now the thought makes me sick, and cheese was the last to go. I can’t imagine eating any of that garbage anymore. Go vegans!

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