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Delicious Vegan Meals Available at Select 7-Eleven Stores!

Written by Ashley Palmer | September 14, 2011

The nationally known convenience store chain 7-Eleven has gradually been expanding its prepared food menu to include vegan options. We’re not talking just peanut butter and jelly here, folks. I’m talking about imaginative, flavorful, and hearty dishes. Check out the lineup below:

Vegan Pad Thai Noodles

Vegan Spinach Noodles With Vegetables

Vegan Asian Linguine

Vegan Linguine Tikka Massala

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, if you live nearby one of the 100 stores that can now carry these meals, you’re in luck! Check out the complete list to find a store near you, and if they don’t have them in stock, be sure to express your interest and ask your store to start carrying them.

With more and more restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores offering delicious vegan options, it’s never been easier to go vegan. Support these companies and help animals at the same time by voting with your dollar at every meal by always choosing foods that are cruelty-free.

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  • RK says:

    The meals look pretty good :q

    Did ya know, a single 711 in Sweden recently began a test to check the demand for vegan hot dogs. They said the test would last a month but after a week we had finished all their hot dogs. 😀 If they decide to get more, it may mean vegan hot dogs at every Swedish 711 + a similar Swedish chain… forever! <3 :B Tasty 'dogs they were, too. (My meater mum agreed.)

  • Tammy says:

    Now this is good news!! 🙂

  • anna says:

    I wish we had something like this in the UK 🙁

  • Amanda says:

    Ick, I HATE those meals. They carried them at my university for a while, but no one bought them so they stopped carrying it and now again have no vegan food. I hate that they generalize that all vegans will eat any food that’s vegan… and that I’m obligated to buy disgusting food if I want vegan food to be carried on campus!

  • 4mula1 says:

    i (we?) cant understand why any store cant even leave off the meat n cheese, they could make vegan sandwiches but wont…

  • 4mula1 says:

    i didnt see a vegan burger.. but ya, at least there tryin. hope a vegan burger is next, vegan hot dogs…

  • Moongazer says:

    Fantastic!!!! I was in 7-11 just a few days ago looking for a ‘grab-and-go’ lunch and was faced with ham sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, beef burritos, etc. Finally settled on a bananna. Will be sooooo nice to have a choice other than just a piece of fruit 🙂

  • adam says:

    great venue for broad and varied market share. Need corporations like bread companies and others to incorporate vegan and healthy plant alternatives into existing food products. Additives like Spirulina, chlorella, astaxanthin, Salba chia seed and chia seed, quinoa, etc.

  • dorothy says:

    This is really great. Another possible idea for 7-11s and other stores to bring in vegan customers is to provide a list of their less than healthful foods that still happen to be vegan such as Fritos and CrackerJacks. Trader Joe’s provides lists of foods that are kosher, halal, lactovegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc., and I wish others would too.

  • dorothy says:

    Well for many years I have not bothered to darken the door of a McDonald’s except a rare occasion needing to use a restroom maybe. As for 7-11, I go in there maybe to get a free magazine and more rarely coffee. They’re all so jam-packed with such an endless array of junk foods and beverages, liquors and tobacco, so the idea of healthy vegan food being sold in there reminds me of snowballs in hell, but it’s nice to know that I have the option to descend into hell and buy snowballs if I need to. Maybe on a Greyhound bus trip where the only other vegan “option” is McDonald’s with french fries and bottled juice or Taco Bell where you can get a puny bean burrito and ask them to leave off the cheese.

  • john says:

    these meals are a great idea.. i tried to get mcdonald’s to have veggie burgers like burger king but i failed . mcdonald’s refused to have vegan options on their menu. 🙁

  • Stacy says:

    What this really means is that there is a DEMAND for these vegan/vegetarian meals! And that is evidence of a greater than ever movement towards respect for the othercbreatures we share this planet with, as well as the health benefits.

  • alison sterling says:

    this is great wonderful news! The more places offer VEGAN FOODS the more people will understand not to eat animals go 7eleven, I hope they continue t o cell VEGAN foods

  • Arvegan says:

    This is great news but the locations list only provides the street addresses, no city or state.

  • Pei says:

    7-Eleven rocks! I’ll be a regular customer if they continue the effort.

  • Gwen says:


  • Lanley says:

    How much are they? And how many calories per container? And how do they taste?

  • Sarah says:

    Now if only we could get Publix to do the same…

  • estee says:

    Finally, thank you thank you than you 7 eleven. There are many people that are allergic to dairy and other products and now they can find some options in 7 eleven. great marketing idea for all. I hope other companies will follow 7 eleven.

  • Oren says:

    Thanks to 7 eleven, great chain hope to see at least soy milk in the location.

  • Owen says:

    This is great, I can’t wait to try them next time I’m in NY! I hope they start selling them in Portland.

  • Ilda says:

    Awesome! they are going to be the only convenience store I stop at from now on!

  • Sabrina says:

    I’m so glad there are so many 7 Elevens in Massachusetts that have them!

  • Frances Takacs says:

    I am in the south. no 7-11’s here. Let me know when QT gets them! Funny, I grew up in PA surrounded by them, and they had nothing good, now that I move…..

  • Frances Takacs says:

    I am in the south. no 7-11’s here. Let me know when QT gets them! Funny, I grew up in PA surrounded by them, and they had nothing good, now that I move…..

  • mbenay says:

    If you go to the 7-Eleven website and search on “vegan” you get a “no results” message! Their corporate press releases seem to be silent on it. In fact, the only place I could find the list is on another PETA site — of course! — and I think you ought to link to that page in this article. It is

  • Raw Scott says:

    National companies are slowly realizing that a Vegans money is just as valuable as a meat eaters money. If stores in my area do not have vegan options, I don’t give them money. It’s a simple concept.

  • Frank Paco Squire says:

    I wish the 7-Elevens in Maryland would sell these ready to meals!

  • Angelos says:

    Are there available in Cyprus (my home country)?

  • Mike M. says:

    Brutal! I always wished they had ready to eat meals for me and now they do!

  • Gail says:

    I would like to try the spinach