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Ask Your Family for a Vegan Christmas

A delicious vegan feast!

A few years ago, my mom came to visit me, and while hanging out one night, she asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I didn’t really want anything, but I did want my mom—who was suffering from acid reflux problems and high cholesterol—to be healthier. I told her that for my Christmas present, all I wanted was for her to watch two PETA videos, “Meet Your Meat” and “Chew on This”, and to try out a vegan diet for the week that she was spending with me. She reluctantly agreed and watched both videos. To my surprise, she went vegan on the spot! Flash forward four years, and she is still going strong. She is 15 pounds lighter and no longer suffers from acid reflux or high cholesterol.

For my mom, she just needed a little incentive to try out a vegan diet. If you’re hoping your family will try vegetarian food, the holidays might just be the perfect time to bring it up. When your family asks you what you want this year, why not ask them for a vegan holiday meal? If you’re feeling ambitious, you may even want to offer to cook the holiday meal as your gift to them if they purchase the ingredients—the ultimate gift exchange!

Celebrations without suffering make family gatherings all the more meaningful—and can save both animal and human lives. You may be surprised at how things turn out!

For inspiration, check out our vegan holiday recipes and tips for talking to friends and family about being vegan.

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  • Anna says:

    Does anyone else feel as though some people look down upon being a vegan? Acting as if it is an inconvenience for them to cook a meal without any animal products! I’ve been a vegetarian for quite some time- now, I am seriously looking into becoming a vegan. The statistics on this page about how cows milk is made for an 800lb cow with 3 stomachs..that there is enough for me to know it was not intended for us to consume.

    Anyway, I am looking for some suggestions on how you all deal with going over to eat at somebody else’s home? I do not want to inconveneince people but this is something that I am so passionate about…


  • Jessica says:

    Hi there….just wondering what the food in the picture is? It looks fantastic… I planned to go vegetarian from 1 January though since having made the decision about three weeks ago, I don’t see any reason to wait and have already started. Thanks PETA for all the great work you do – keep it up.

  • Patty says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am trying to go back to vegetarianism, after three years of quitting. Before I got pregnant I had been vegetarian for over 10 years. Actually I havent eaten red meet for more than 13 years now. I apreciate very much all your help inthis wonderfull site, however I live in Peru and I here we do not have as much Vegetarian products as in the US. And teh ones we have are quite expencive. That being said I would apreciate very much if you can do more recepies with comon products and not with branded ones.
    ONce more thank you very much for yoru help!
    Kind regards

  • Sarah Brooks says:

    This year my mother and step-father had their very first all vegan Thanksgiving that I prepared for them. They loved it! They won’t be going vegan or vegetarian any time soon unfortunately. Although, my mother does visit the recipe blogs on this site often now and I have been getting her to come with me to my Co-op when I do my shopping instead of the supermarket where she goes. And I’ve just convinced her to check out the vegan bakery that I’ve found about an hour away from my house. Baby steps. I might get her yet!

  • Sara says:

    Always an awesome way to get family and friends to try vegan food-at gatherings such as for Christmas! Most of the time they don’t even KNOW it’s vegan until you tell them. People are always so amazed and learn that being vegan doesn’t mean you eat carrot sticks 24/7!

  • Kathleen Alexander says:

    What a wonderful idea! This way it would not seem like “preaching”–Thanks so much for sharing!