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What Are You Wearing Today?

Lately I have been reading Jennifer Romolini’s blog on Yahoo!’s Shine. She has started making weekly posts titled, “What Are You Wearing Today?”. I thought that it would be fabulous to ask the same question to all the animal-friendly compassionate fashionistas here on PETA Living!

So today in the PETA office, I am wearing a knee-length cotton-blend gray pencil skirt, a green tee made by Bitten that shows colorful birds flying out of a cage, and a pair of black canvass skimmer flats. Today my theme is “Birds Should Fly Free!”

Your turn to post on the animal-friendly fashion that you are wearing today.

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  • kay says:

    Hemp Simple Shoes, organic cotton t-shirt, linen shorts, and hemp bracelets and anklets I made.

  • Katie says:

    I know this is totally random, but I am looking for a nice new suit for work and I can’t find ANYTHING without wool or silk. Does anyone have suggestions as to what stores carry animal friendly suits??

  • Annie says:

    I’m dressed up today for a meeting. A dress from Ann Taylor Loft in rayon, that is sleeveless, v-neck, and knee length in light and dark blue with light blue faux suede peep-toe wedges from Payless. With sterling sliver handmade earrings I just got in Mexico and a vintage bracelet I found at an amazing flea market in LA.

  • Serena says:

    Jazzz!!! That’s a totally awesome and cute t-shirt! Gotta have it!

    It’s a jeanz and t-shirt day for me. Totally cute!

  • Tina says:

    Cute T-Shirt!

  • kelly says:

    today its black faux patent leather flats from Payless, a blak A-line skirt from Forever 21 (earings and bracelet from F21 too) and a gray cotton sweater.