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Vegan Shoe of the Month: Combat Boots

The following is a guest post by PETA staffer Royale.

Who is the vegan vixen?

She is strong, but compassionate; she is a lover and a fighter; and she is down for the cause and for causing a scene. In a word, she’s a trooper. And this trooper is all about wearing her heart on her feet.

The lace-up combat boot is the perfect look for enemy-engaging, animal-defending dames. It’s coming in hot this fall, and with plenty of vegan options, there’s no excuse for animal casualties. Mid-calf or knee-high or buckled, zipped, or laced, each pair comes with a personality all its own. Just add activist.

So lace up, it’s time to kick some fur-wearing, animal-experimenting, meat-eating derrière, ladies. Don’t like our style, Nuclear Wintour? Tough chic.

And just so you know, the vegan versions are signified by the pink heart!

Kors Michael Kors Joplin Boot: $395

Be all you can be in boots that are cute and cruelty-free!

Forward march in fashion-forward footwear!

Robert Clergerie Astor: $795

Rough-and-tumble reaches new heights … of compassion!

Joie Tall Lace-Up Boot: $535

So which pair will you be giving cruelty the boot in? Tell me in the comment section below.

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  • Nirupama M.S says:

    I love the Keziah Knotted Sandals and Danica Braided Chain Sandals by Forever 21. They are sooooo sexy luking. Would anybody know if the shoes in Payless (those that say all man made material) are truly vegan?.I never know if I can trust labels to say the truth. I would appreciate any info available regarding this.

  • Brittany says:

    Ya know, usually they’re not cuter(not that it matters cuz buying the leather ones would be sick)… but this time… definately!

  • Jennifer says:

    I have the cruelty free chain sandals in white. They are so cute!

  • Becky says:

    why do they cost so much? it seems like it would cost more, if you have to kill something.

  • Kaite says:

    can you address the question of “Synthetic” shoes – I am getting several people asking me why shoes made of petrochemicals are better than shoes made of animals. For me, personally, there is no contest – I’ll always pick the synthetic over the animal product – but I wonder what the official response to this is, since we, as a nation, are beginning to question our addiction to petrochemicals and its impact on our environment as a whole, including all the animals in that environment. What is PETA’s response to this? help! Thanks much!

  • kerry burkhardt says:

    Danica Braided Chain are cute and edgy

  • maria martinez says:

    i ♥ the 1st pair they r soooo CUTEE!

  • Living // Vegan Shoe of the Month // PETA says:

    […] talk vegan gladiators, ladies. And by “vegan gladiators,” I do mean cruelty-free sandals and those not-so-beefy, beefy swordsmen who entertained live audiences in ancient […]

  • Crystal says:

    “make you coo.”!!!! stunning! I walk up a mile at a 900elevation every morning in heels lol. If I can do that anyone can wear these on a daily routine!

  • Ishy says:

    …i dont think that a lot of you people understand this blog at all, the shoes on the left are made from animals, and the ones on the right are look alikes but instead are cruelty free and much, much less expensive. i see some comments on here saying that they like the michael kors ones better…what?? your on the wrong site than lady…:(

  • Deb says:

    Save the planet and all creatures that live within by refusing to buy synthetic clothing that is made from oil. ALOT of processing is required to turn oil into a synthetic shirt, and also, obnoxious toxins leak from synthetic materials poisoning not only we humans, but also our companions that we love.

  • Spring Girl says:

    Sorry, If i sound whyny but why R the shoes so exspensive!! ? :-/

  • Spring Girl says:

    Cute shoes but can you make a show that arent so high! I mean, come on!what about flats, heels, sneakers!But i still luv the shoes!!! 😀

  • Candida Royalle says:

    Great for the animals, horrible for your feet. Show me some styles that won’t make me feel like a cripple after trudging around in 6 inch platforms all day, will ya???

  • Mylie says:

    @Ashley –
    Hi Ashley – these shoes are made of synthetic material. Steve Madden has mentioned that on the link you provided. In the description it says:
    • Synthetic upper material
    • Synthetic sole
    • 1.5 inch platform
    • 4 inch wedged heel
    Thanks for your concerns for animals!

  • Cindy L says:

    Sorry, not a healthy alternative to leather. While I love animals, PVCs are terribly unhealthy, not because they cause your feet to sweat more (so blisters are an unpleasent reality) they cure PVC with lead so the PVC will set (or dry). When you are wearing it on someplace like feet or hands you will more readily absorb that into your body.

  • Sa'Misty says:

    Deffinelty Coo!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley says:

    The Steve Madden webpage says that the Tuscaan Wedge consists of leather knots….they don’t clarify if it is faux leather or real leather…Am I reading this all wrong … Can someone check this link??

  • Sarah says:

    This summer I will be only wearing Steve Madden Vegan Shoes!

  • Ivy Pittman says:

    Love the Coo platforms. And easy to walk in too!

  • CS says:

    You have way too many granola vegans on here the bash your cute heels that you show off on shoe of the month. The people that buy tons of leather shoes…are shoe-aholics that love stylish/fashionable heels and feel as though there are no stylish vegan alternatives. You are doing a great job highlighting these vegan versions!!! Being a heel wearer myself, wedges are tremendously more comfortable/stable than a stiletto. And then my mission to buy cruelty free goes past myself…the masses buy trendy styles…I want leather wearers to see these cute versions so they can consider these instead!

  • Kelsy says:

    Vegan footwear options are everywhere! They’re not hard to find and usually less expensive than their cruel counterparts!

  • Wendy says:

    These are MUCH better-looking than dead animal skin! Well done to all of the designers who are taking the hint!!! I still wish I could afford some of Stella McCartney’s fashions – I wish she would come out with a medium-priced range for fashionable vegetarians/vegans!

  • Chloe says:

    I hate Michael Kors with a passion! He uses real animals particurally dogs, cats, otters, and leather in his clothing. I refuse to buy any of his products, cruel or not! but the steve madden ones are awesome! too bad i have the tiniest feet of size 2 kids for an adult and my sister wouldn’t wear thses but are really cute!!

  • JDC says:

    I went to the link under the Steve Madden shoes that were recommended in the article. The descriptions for both shoes say they contain leather. So are these shoes not vegan?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for actual vegan shoes?

  • JEANNIE says:


  • Brittany says:

    So I clicked the link by the supposedly vegan options to look at them closer and possibly buy them and BOTH say theyre made with leather… umm… What’s that about? Are they vegan or not?

  • Jenny says:

    In my opinion, both of the fatal ones were prettier than the vegan ones so I think you should put more examples in it. But this article still inspired me to go on Zappos and find two pairs that are cruelty free.

  • Linda says:

    Not only can cruelty free shoes be just as stylish and look just as good, but you can get 4 or more pairs compared to the price of just one of theirs. That will make you look even better and make your cruelty free wallet a little happier in these tough times. 🙂

  • NICOLA says:

    i don’t wanna be a bummer, but i clicked on the Steve Madden links beneath the photos and it says in each one that parts of them are made out of leather :/ sorry x

  • ashley says:

    what about everyday shoes? like nikes ect are they also this bad?

  • Danielle says:

    Oh my – absolutely gorgeous. I love the Tuscan design. Can’t believe what great prices they are also!

  • Sandie says:

    Wow! these Vegan shoes are simply to die for,but not at an animals expense! I love them. Well done Steve Madden for giving us an alternative to fashion forward shoes with no guilt.

  • Emily Hunt says:

    I like the Tuscan ones 🙂

  • Jenna says:

    I like them, the Michael Kors one is my favorite.

  • Arianna Zarate says:

    They’re absolutely gorgeus!! A pain to walk in maybe but they’re great and cruelty free.

  • Michelle Cottle says:

    It would be great if it were possible to share this on Facebook as well as the other links you provide…. I’m not on any of those.

  • Matt says:

    I’m sure those would be HELL to walk in, but they’re gorgeous!

  • Marina says:

    There are more than ever fabulous vegan shoes and handbags these days, no one has to die a painful death for a “hot” pair of shoes. Check out always vegan shoes and handbags by Stella McCartney and Matt&Nat bags – those who say non-leather shoes&bags look cheap have no excuses!

  • Richard Fitzpatrick says:

    I love these delightful choices of footwear. I now feel that I can look fashionable in shoes that I can afford, and I am no longer embarrassed by my low-income. Now, with my awareness of living a compassionate lifestyle, I feel no shame. I can play Call of Duty on my X-Box 360, and drink Guinness all while looking good.
    Thank You

  • Abby says:

    I was looking at Bakers’ site. One thing disappoints me – the dress shoes are geared toward young people. I have to dress up for work and like a small heel on my shoes – not ankle-breaking heels. There just doesn’t seem to be any shoes that are in between. You either get to choose from low heels or ankle-breaking heels. Not all vegan/vegetarians are young people. I am in my mid-fifties and interested in wearing animal friendly shoes but the styles are limited. Hope Bakers reads this.

  • Christel says:

    i love these shoes and am going to def get some. I am so glad to get cute shoes for a good deal that are good for all of us.

  • Kris says:


  • Brenda says:

    Very cool looking shoes. They are stylin’.

  • Tucker says:

    LOVE THEM,I will look further in to all the styles and see what ones I will get!!

  • jose feliciano says:


  • Sharon says:

    They look like leather.

  • renurenu says:

    Robbie, there are many cruelty-free shoes made by Vegetarian Shoes, though you can take a look at MooShoes shop as well. In case you decide to go for designing cruelty-free “women’s styles” as well, we could make a cooperation 🙂
    p.s. Vegetarian Shoes have a great explanation of the materials they use, and they are really amazing.

  • Robbie Fithon says:

    What about menswear?

    It appears to be impossible to buy clothes and shoes for men which haven’t involved animals suffering!

    Also, does anyone know where cruelty-free materials for clothing and shoes can be purchased? I’m so sick of searching in vein for fashionable cruelty-free clothing for men, I’m actually considering creating my own label!

  • renurenu says:

    It’s really great to see more and more vegan shoes around! The only problem is that the only customers of such shoes seem to be vegans themselves. I think it’s a pity that really unique shoe styles are so rarely produced, since in that way even non-vegan customers would be attracted to vegan shoes. So many lives could be saved…