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Fashion Friday: We All Want to Be Free

Celebrate this Independence Day with compassion by choosing skin-free styles, cruelty-free beauty products, and delicious vegan food.

Show off how patriotic you are with head-to-toe hues of red, white, and blue. Honor independence by rocking bold red lips and nails (created with brands that do not test on animals, of course) and by chowing down on your favorite brand of veggie burger.

Happy Fourth! Remember: We all just want to be free.

We All Want to Be Free
We All Want to Be Free by officialpeta 
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  • Janelly says:

    Super Cute 🙂

  • dil says:

    i am really happy for the effort you are making to give the rights who can’t speak .. i hope more and more ppl understand the cause and give their support . and bring up at least our children to do the right thing, and make up for the mistake we did generations of generations. i am so glad i am part of the change and i took the decision TO BE A VEGE , it made me a better person and thinking i am NO PART OF THE CRUELTY ,IS, What made me healthy . and i pray for every one to have wisdom to understand Gods creation what it really meant .

  • sally miller says:

    This is wonderful such neat styles and not hurting any thing is the best part