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Fashion Friday: Gloves!

This Polyvore set is all about gloves! Keep your hands warm with these stylish gloves and mittens made completely from vegan materials. Wearing fur or fur trim, leather, and wool causes immeasurable pain and suffering for animals, so leave those materials out of your cold-weather wardrobe. Learn more about how to be a conscientious fashionista by watching “Whose Skin Are You In?

Starring: Gloves!
Starring: Gloves! by officialpeta
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  • oku says:

    ignorance is bliss, all you have to do is google to find out about cruelty towards sheep in wool & you will see it’s very cruel & immoral. Mr. Meat do you’re research then come back & tell me it’s not cruel – we’re not saying just to sheer them is cruel, it’s everything that comes along with the sheering – too many things to mention so look it up – animal cruelty wool is just one I found on it

  • Ashley-P says:

    As with other industries where animals are raised for a profit, the interests of the animals used in the wool industry are rarely considered. Flocks usually consist of thousands of sheep, and individual attention to their needs is virtually impossible. Many people believe that shearing sheep helps animals who might otherwise be burdened with too much wool, but without human interference, sheep grow just enough wool to protect themselves from temperature extremes.

  • Meat eater says:

    how dose it hurt a sheep to sheer them????? personally i would rather my hair be cut of rather then continuing to mat on me. but you know better obviously!