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Fashion Friday: Fur Is Dead

This week, we challenge you to make a fashion statement that really means something. While fur might be trying to make a comeback, when you rock this outfit, your message will be loud and clear … “Fur is dead.”

Fur is dead. by OfficialPETA

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  • Ashley-P says:

    The pants in this Polyvore set are “faux”! 🙂

  • neighbourhoodsuperhero says:

    I think this statement is great, I am against fur as well but
    isn’t the pants of leather ? if so didn’t an animal get killed for the leather ?

  • friendbear says:

    PETA, can you answer us this, about the antifur message you posted regarding joanna lumley, mentioning her disgust at fur trim at harrods, can PETA find out WHY she is the voiceover spokeswoman for WORLD OF LEATHER (who sell all sorts of animal skin), and why shes advertising for muller, who use both dairy and gelatine in their yoghurts?!

  • dale says:

    i applaud all the designers who stop using the fur and coming up with new ideas with synthetic leather/faux fur , i hope soon this inhuman act of human being stop and leave the innocent creatures alone. animals can’t speak or fight for their rights ,and its so unfair what we do to, these creatures .. how can it be, their pain and suffering any different that us ? they do have families , they do have pain , feelings just like us ..

    if we call our self CIVILIZED then its about time to stop this cruelty towards the animals .