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Fashion Friday: Fall for Cruelty-Free Fashion

As we say goodbye to summer, we leave behind bright, breezy colors in favor of rich, bold tones of crimson, orange, and goldenrod to match the changing leaves. Accessories switch from sunglasses to scarves, and shoes become decidedly cozier.

One thing that doesn’t change for conscientious consumers? The decision to be cruelty-free. As the weather cools, there’s no reason to turn to fur, wool, or leather. Vegan options abound, and they’re as cute as they are kind! Opt for synthetic sweaters, faux-leather bags and shoes, and wool-free scarves.

When you’re dressed for success, treat yourself to a soy pumpkin latte. You deserve it, animal-friendly fashionista!

What to Wear:

Fall for Cruelty-Free Fashion by officialpeta
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