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Fashion Friday: Eco-Fashionista Edition

Earth Day‘s this weekend. You’ve got your bike tuned up, your recycle bin ready, and your vegan potluck planned. But what are you wearing for the occasion?

Might we suggest some planet-friendly duds? With an earthy yet evocative vibe, these pieces are sure to wow the tree-hugger you’ve been crushing on. Plus, by shopping sustainably and vegan, you’re batting two for two on Earth Day. For extra credit from Mother Earth, work in a few items you already own. When it comes to sustainable fashion, less is more!

Eco Fashionista
Eco Fashionista by officialpeta featuring ripped skinny jeans

Cheers for eco-fashion, veganistas!

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  • Kwanny says:

    for hair and skin, J/A/S/O/N doesn’t test on animals, nehteir do Tom’s of Maine (they do things like toothpaste, mouthwash, deoderant) Simply Basics does lotion, body wash and body scrub, Body and Earth Spa does body scrubfor makeup E.L.F doesn’t test on animals has a lot of vegan makeup, which does not use animal testingGood Luck =) well done with avoiding animal tested products!!