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Fashion Friday: Class, Sass, and Vegan Leather

Nothing says “sass” like vegan leather, and it looks like everyone’s gotten the memo. More and more designers are responding to the widespread demand for cruelty-free leather, which is great news for animals, the environment, and our wallets!

In the last couple of months alone, both Free People and Jeffrey Campbell have launched vegan collections, adding themselves to the long list of adored designers who cater to vegan-leather lovers. With so many brands jumping on the animal-saving bandwagon, vegan leather has never looked better! After all, what says “class” better than cruelty-free? Next time you’re out shopping, get yourself some vegan leather goodies and go get your “sass” on.

Class, Sass & Vegan Leather
Class, Sass & Vegan Leather by officialpeta
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