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10 Summer Beach Essentials

Written by PETA | June 20, 2014

Vegan Beach Essentials Share Able Image
Don’t step out the door without these summer beach essentials in your beach bag!

1. Spread the vegan message with this adorable zipper tote, available from the PETA Catalog!

Vegan Tote

2. Don’t burn your feet on that hot sand—polyurethane’s got your back! These flip-flop sandals from Forever 21 are leather-free and come in two bright summer colors.

Sandals3. Protect your eyes from those UV rays while looking stylish sporting these sunglasses from Forever 21.


4. Save your skin from harmful rays using a cruelty-free sunscreen, such as Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian version.


5. Fill up this adorable water bottle with fresh water to stay hydrated. It’s available in two colors from the PETA Catalog.

 Water Bottles

6. Don’t forget your deodorant! You don’t want to be smelly at the beach. This chamomile and green-tea Crystal Essence deodorant is vegan and cruelty-free.

Crystal Essence


7. This lip balm from Hurraw! contains vanilla, chamomile, and tangerine! It’s also an SPF 15 balm, so it’ll protect your lips from the sun.


8. Relax on the beach while listening to music through these unique shark earbuds by Decor Craft Inc., available from ModCloth.


9. Being in the sunshine and frolicking in the ocean can drain your energy. Pack vegan snacks in your bag to avoid fatigue, like these delicious Kettle chips!


10. Shade your head and face from the sun with the adorable Standout Straw Sun Hat from Forever 21.

Straw HatJPG

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