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Are You a Good ‘Mom’ to Your Dog or Cat?

Some animals make excellent mothers, but part of being a good “mom” to dogs or cats is making sure that they never have babies.
My “daughter,” Carly, a rescued mixed-breed dog, is spayed not only so that she won’t contribute to the animal overpopulation problem but also so that she doesn’t have to endure the stress and discomfort of heat periods. Having female dogs and cats spayed also eliminates their risk of uterine cancer and greatly reduces their chances of developing mammary cancer. (And neutering makes males much less likely to roam or fight and helps prevent testicular cancer.)
Carly depends on me to take her for walks, play with her, feed her wholesome food, and keep her safe, healthy, and happy. In return, she provides me with endless joy and unconditional love.
Bill Maher once said, “The reason I love my dog so much is because when I come home, he’s the only one in the world who treats me like I’m the Beatles.”
Carly treats me like I’m the Beatles, a queen, a World Series champion, and a gourmet chef, all rolled into one.
If your “child” is a cat, you might not be outwardly adored in quite the same way, but you’ll be loved nonetheless if you take proper care of him or her. That includes scooping the litterbox on a daily basis, opting not to declaw, and making the great indoors, well … great.
Our animal companions are priceless. So even though it’s Mother’s Day, let’s get them some presents. That’s what moms do, after all!
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  • Emily Carcaramo says:

    I hope my comment gets posted … I would hate to think that this site is not about freedom of opinion and I am sure that there are many who agree wish what I have to say

  • Emily Carcaramo says:

    I am honestly a little disturbed by this piece. I am open to all comments And suggestion however I rescued a little lover of a dog who was obviously a mom for all the wrong reasons. I also have a baby boy that I have ha since he was a baby. I don’t believe the best thing you can do for your dog is make it so they cannot reproduce. I understand that if you are talking to the ignorant population however I wish my dog got to know her puppies and I know she does too. I do not recommend breeding your dog it’s cruel but honestly and speeding freely I know there are a lot of cruel people out there and both of my dog are fixed so please don’t confuse my intentions but why is it that animals are not free to live there lives as nature intended. Again dumb question I’m aware that idiot humans messed that up however if you are that rare individual that has the chance to show a dog cat hamster whatever a life that is free of abuse ands the ability to live and love please do. I wish my dog had that’s chance but I am giving her the best life I kbow how to now and it doesn’t make up for her abuse not even close but at least she is happy and safe now. If only it didn’t have to be that way

  • Misty S. says:

    I have a 7 lbs.Yorkie/poodle mix her name is Pixie and she was just spayed on the 24th (of May). She doesn’t even seem to be in pain(maybe because the pain meds?) and acts like her normal self except the cone on her head. lol.

    and Gisell I agree with you I don’t want my nails to be pulled out so why would cats, even though they get pain meds it isn’t right!! People who had their cats declawed should be declawed to so that they know how it feels.

    and IC I hope the rainbow bridge story is true too.

  • IC says:

    I think I’ve been a great Mom to all of the animal babies I’ve had over the years. All of my friends tell me if they’re reincarnated, they want to come back as one of my doggie children! My babies are attended to as if they’re royalty, their every need and desire met with love and devotion.

    With that said, I believe, no, I KNOW I get more out of the deal than they do. Their happy, adoring little faces give all the thanks I need.

    I pray that the Rainbow Bridge story is true! How wonderful it would be to reunite with all of my dear “animal family” as well as my human family.

  • Eda says:

    i have 2 lovely cats and they were sick when we found them.saving the lives of my cute cats makes me the happiest and the luckiest mom in the world…

  • Jeramie Dreyfuss says:

    I can’t imagine my life without all 5 of my rescued dogs. My pitbull mix was tossed out of a car in Colorado probably because she would have been killed in Denver, German Shorthair Pointer was a puppy mill mother who was discarded in a kill shelter and I heard about her impending death the next morning and was able to reach the shelter and stop it and now she is laying on my bed very happy, wondering when we are going for a hike, my beagles were rescued from Kentucky and Missouri, and a huge black lab/Chesapeake would have been killed because he was a grumpy old man as a 9 month old puppy. I have had him 10 years. They are my life and everyday is about where will we go hiking in Idaho today. I have 2 tanks filled with rescue fish. My Beta was going to be flushed by a girl’s parents who is now at Columbia University. I took him out of his jar and gave him a tank and a heater and he is just like a kitty cat. Purrs with his flippers at me and loves me unconditionally,,,well, as long as I feed him. Gold fish were also discarded by people from fairs. Shame on them. Lot of work, but worth it. I also spend a huge amount of time and money feeding songbirds, cleaning and disinfecting their feeders, but love them so much. Feed foxes at night and try to keep them well with Ivermectin as we are fighting fox mange here.

  • Gisell says:

    I have two cats and a dog, and they were all either adopted or rescued. I just want to say that I hate it when ppl ask me if my cats have been declawed!!! I often tell them that I sure would not like my nails to be remove and I figured that my cats would not either! What is your stand on declawing cats?

  • cristiana says:

    saving the lives of my two cats is the thing I am most proud of in my life! and we love each others very very much… greetings from italy!

  • Pamela Vaughan says:

    Oh, I so agree!!!! I have an Australian Shepherd we rescued from an animal shelter. He’s such a good dog and has nothing but unconditional love for me and my family. He is the last to say good-bye in the morning and the first to say welcome back in the evening. The shelter was called because he was found walking down the road. He had a computer chip in him and they called the owners. They said they would be there to pick up him, but never showed up. They were going to put him to sleep. Thank god he picked us when we went to the shelter. I cannot image life without him!

  • andrea says:

    i have 2 doggies and a cat all whom love me very very much, my world revolves around them and their world revolves around me! i am the happiest mom on the planet!

  • Diana says:

    Beautiful! I have a little girl poodle and we are sooo in love. She is my only child by now. Greetings from a vegan ecuadorian!!