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13 Eye-Opening Images of Animals in Labs

Written by PETA | April 16, 2015

The pain that animals face every day for product testing, crude curiosity-driven experiments, and deadly medical training exercises are completely horrifying and indefensible. Animals are not disposable laboratory tools, they are individuals just like us who want to be free and don’t want to be forced to endure lives of pain and terror. Take a look at the faces of animal testing and see why we should end experimentation on animals.

Rats and Mice

nude rat with tumors and a lesion on his side

Rats and mice are not even considered animals under the federal Animal Welfare Act, even though they make up approximately 95 percent of the animals suffering in labs.

Dogs and Cats

Beagle at PLRS

Animals, like this beagle, endured unimaginable suffering at the hands of workers at the North Carolina facility PLRS before a PETA undercover investigation prompted felony cruelty charges to be brought against employees at the facility, which closed its doors shortly after our footage was released.

Robert the Cat

In a crude experiment at the University of Utah, this cat, named Robert, had an electrode implanted into his brain.

Goats and Pigs


The US Department of Defense uses goats, pigs, and other animals for military training exercises, including some that involve live animals being hacked to pieces with tree trimmers.

Monkeys and Primates

Chimpanzees at SEMA

These two young chimpanzees were confined at SEMA, a notoriously cruel Maryland laboratory that PETA helped expose a quarter-century ago. Sadly, chimpanzees still suffer in cruel laboratory experiments at other laboratories.


Britches was torn away from his mother shortly after birth, had his eyes sewn shut by experimenters at the University of California–Riverside, and was left alone in a steel cage with a sonar device strapped to his head.

NIH Investigation: Baby Monkey Alone in Cage

Animal experimenters at the National Institutes of Health continue to perform pointless experiments on baby monkeys wherein the young are separated from their mothers and intentionally frightened.

Monkey at Weizmann Institute

Monkeys and cats are sometimes confined to restraint chairs during invasive neurological tests, like this one, who is shown at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Monkey at Covance 1

Monkey at Covance 2

These terrified monkeys are being prepped to have experimental chemicals forced up their noses by employees at Covance, a private laboratory that other companies pay to conduct tests on animals.

These monkeys are a few of the thousands of monkeys imprisoned at the Oregon National Primate Research Center, which was the subject of a PETA undercover investigation.


This rabbit had chemicals dripped into her eyes and rubbed on her bare skin in cruel product tests at a Biosearch laboratory.

Always check for PETA’s bunny logo or search our cruelty-free database to find out which companies do and which don’t test on animals.

YOU can help stop this cruelty. Take action to help end experimentation on animals TODAY!

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  • amapola53 says:

    This is just horrible and disgusting. There must be a law against animal testing. This practice should be stopped immediately!

  • Sandra says:

    I am so happy that we have forbidden these animal tests in the EU! You should try to force them to do so too in the US.

  • carolina says:

    people must stop this cruelty is awful 🙁

  • stefanie says:

    humans are the most cruel beings in the world. please stop it and help these animals!!:(

  • Hannah says:

    This is absolutely sickening. The fact that these people feel as though it’s acceptable to treat animals in this way is disgusting, this is beyond cruel. I cannot believe that people are allowed to get away with this, makes me so angry.

  • Veronica Revoredo says:

    Looking at this makes me cry, how could someone do this?
    It’s sad to see how the U.S has no respect for any life.
    When will this end!!

  • Samantha says:

    Every day I sit at my computer demanding and pleading with people through the emails I am sent to put an end to this. I always love the emails I receive when the words VICTORY are in the title because I know that somewhere there is a glimmer of hope that one day it will all be a victory and these tests will be far behind us. It makes me cry to think that some animals end up in places like these. They never did anything wrong to deserve to be put in these conditions, there are criminals in prison living betTer than them. This is just so heatbreaking

  • odile laure fournis says:

    I try to feel how terrified an animal is alone and all around humans redy to torure him, so much tress, detress, panic, pains, bad treatment,… Human detroyed inovensive creatures… Nazist did the same during the second world war…

  • Jess Nourse says:

    It truly takes an empty soul to continue to perform these tests, knowing that it causes such physical and psychological torment for these innocent beings.

  • Megan Newman says:

    This is so heartbreaking. The thought and sight of such cruelty always brings tears to my eyes and makes me feel sick to my stomach. It is so shameful that human beings can be so selfish and lack so much compassion. It truly takes an empty soul to continue to perform these tests, knowing that it causes such physical and psychological torment for these innocent beings.

  • holly Tasker says:

    this is terrible i cried, this is just wrong no animal should have to be treated like this.
    it brakes my heart to see animals in these conditions.
    only people who are sick could do such things like this.
    i was reading a article the other day about this and it said that their are better ways to see if a cosmetic is ok for us to use and it has a better result than being cruel and testing on animals.

  • Panda Luver says:

    Antonio, don’t be ashamed you can do something to help! Become a vegan!

  • Bahiyyih says:

    Teaching “Compassionate and Ethical Treatment of Animals” should become compulsory at schools from the very young age.

    I wish we could enforce this to our governments and our Ministry of Education in our countries.

    If our PeTA composes a letter (I would have done it but I’m not good at letter writing), not only I will sign it, I also get all my friends, family and neighbourhood to sign it and send it to appropriate government agencies.

  • Sarah Angelique says:

    I am so disgusted by this.. all I want to do is cry! I wish more people were aware of these practices, especially with the cats/dogs. Argh!

  • Sakis Pa says:

    I do not feel like I grew up in a human world… This is just like a bad horror movie… I feel disgusting! :'(

  • John Bowdle, RScP says:

    I wonder how human beings ever got the idea they had the right to inflict such horrendous cruelty and pain on another species and not be judged for it.

  • tammi,va says:

    i can only cry

  • cheryl says:

    how cruel and digusting,what has this world come to

  • Jay... says:

    The examples of why it’s becoming more embarrassing to be a human… and easier to hate the human race are forever growing!!!

  • Amanda says:

    I’m speechless as to why these poor animals are being used for that kind of stuff. Animals are also individuals with feelings who want to be loved, not tormented by other people. This seriously needs to stop now!!!

  • Joyce Ip says:

    Please stop this madness. These animals have a right not to live in constant fear and terror of pain and abuse inflicted by humans. It’s bewildering that we claim to be the more intelligent species and yet are unable to exercise compassion.

  • Antonio Di Cesare says:

    When I see these photos of animals been treated this way I realize what humanity has become and I am ashamed to be part of humanity.

  • Animal Cruelty should be banned says:

    Animal Cruelty should be banned completely and natural, not man-made, products should be ensured for safety. I really do feel bad for these animals and I am completely speechless.

  • pamela says:

    i am definitely going to spread the news among my contacts on the social networking sites…people should individually try to take actions in their own ways to stop this cruelty towards our little friends.

  • Isabel says:


  • jana kriakova says:

    Are we still humans? Someone should stop this!!!

  • EcoFreako Animals says:

    I hope you guys can stop animal testing! Good luck! 🙂

  • Cathy says:

    why are people doing bad things to animal 🙁

  • Milly says:

    This is Heart Breaking. I just Shared this on my FB. I can’t believe how blind and naive we can be. At the same time the sadness and Cruelty at play is sickening. My change starts tonight by I being more informed.

  • Carrie says:

    This is heartbreaking to say the least. Trying not cry…..

  • Elizabeth Ann Ross says:

    This is totally unreal and cruel, I honestly do not know how anyone can do these jobs, do they actually have a heart or soul. why do they not do the tests on themselves and leave the animals alone. They are cruel B’s!

  • clevenot anthony says:

    It’s very horrible and inadmissible !!!!!

  • Anne Johnsson says:

    These pictures of the horrific lives of innocent animals, tortured beyond belief is so horrifying I can hardly bare to look…Please stop this now…imagine how THEY feel if I can’t even stand to look at the horror!!!!

  • Isabelle Tillett says:

    All these animals are tested on in order to save man.Or for the vanity of women. I hope when all you cruel people reach those pearly gates you are judged harshly. THESE CREATURES WOULD NOT EVEN THINK OF DOING THIS IT US.. WHY ARE WE DOING IT TO THEM!!

  • Patricia Bentley says:

    For these cruel and horrendous experiments to continue is absolutely DISGUSTING!! I just don’t understand why they continue.

  • L says:

    And how many times do we have to sign petitions and fight against this barbaric crazy sadistic so-called scientists and med students?????? Can we ask for death penalty of all those who hurt the innocent creatures?

  • Margaret Ambrose says:

    Please stop the sadistic torture of these poor helpless animals. The anatomy of an animal will never be the same as humans, that is why we can take Tylenol and animals could die from it. Stop the funding of
    these useless experiments and stop living in the dark ages!

  • Joy G says:

    How can I adopt Brock – that sweetie needs to get OUT of there… How can I adopt him????

  • Prudhomme says:

    Stop this cruelty

  • Lila says:

    My heart goes out to these poor creatures but what can I do?
    It will continue as long as heartless humans exist who have
    authority and who are godless. Only interested in a paycheck.

  • Kathy shindoll says:

    This must be stopped NOW,I cant donate money but how can I help other ways?

  • Kathy shindoll says:

    This all needs to be stopped NOW, no excuse for experimenting on amimals anymore.

  • Naomi says:

    Stop this cruelty

  • Meeche Miller says:

    Please, have a conscience and stop this torturing of animals – how can anyone do this? Are you so hardened to pain on these little creatures that you don’t feel their pain? Please stop it – NO result, real or imagined, is worth their pain.

  • Katrina van Kampen says:

    How more cowardice people can be than torture defenseless living creatures?! How different this world would be if people would protect and care for dependent and sweet living beings – as is our duty instead of acting like monsters.

  • Mary Hinchman says:

    Without PETA these horrific experiments on animals might never be known to the general public. Thank God for PETA !! Put a stop to these tortures!!!

  • mª angele says:

    Hola, solo pido que por dios paréis todo este tormento de sufrimiento en los animales, cuando existen otros metódos que pueden evitar la agonia de unos animales que ellos si que no lo harían con nosotros, un saludo.

  • Vikash Jain says:

    Save animals, save earth, save the creature of god.

    These animals also feel pain as we feel.

  • Michelle Nethersole says:

    There is no reason for experimentation on animals whatsoever!!!
    How would you, who do this, like this being done to you or your children??
    All creatures feel pain, even a MOUSE!!!
    I wish that there will be an end to all cruelty to animals

  • Janny says:

    Completely heartbreaking. Anyone who has ever kept a pet or come into contact in any way with the beautiful creatures of the animal kingdom cannot fail to be moved and disgusted. As a species we ‘human animals’ are disgusting for the pain and torment we deliberately choose to inflict on the so-called ‘lesser species’ when the very fact that (some of us) consider ourselves ‘superior’ means our responsibility to the lesser ones is to CARE FOR THEM -as in to demonstrate respect, dignity and compassion – not use and abuse them for ANY reason, let alone excuse it as ‘necessary’ (but realistically tenuous and dubious) experimentation. When the day of reckoning finally comes and Lady Karma is waiting in the wings to deal the cards, I pray – as a species – we will be made to pay our dues.