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What You Can Do

Dump the dairy!

Don’t support an industry that treats animals like machines and lies to consumers. There are dairy alternatives available everywhere—from plain and flavored soy and rice milks to soy “egg” nog and vegan parmesan “cheese.” Try replacing cow’s milk with plain, chocolate, or vanilla soy milk. Try replacing cream cheese and sour cream with Tofutti brand “Better Than Cream Cheese” and “Sour Supreme.” Even dairy-free “ice cream” is available in most major grocery stores.

Request a free vegetarian starter kit full of delicious, dairy-free recipes that are healthy and tasty and don’t cause cows to suffer. And check out our favorite dairy-free recipes and favorite dairy alternatives!

Write a letter to your local newspaper.

Let the paper know that as a consumer, you are appalled at the dairy industry’s lies and that you demand better treatment of animals. Review PETA’s guide to letter-writing for more information.

Join our “You Decide” Campaign.

If you live in or near California and would be interested in organizing a “You Decide” demonstration in a well-trafficked area of your town, e-mail PETA and we will help you with signs and leaflets, as well as helping you alert your local media.

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