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Real Men Love Plants! 27 Vegetarian and Vegan Celebrity Dads

Dads come in all varieties. Some might be the strong, silent type. Some may be athletic and sports-minded. Others could be the goofy one who provides the family with comic relief.

Strict rule maker or easygoing rule breaker? We might never know what kind of dad these celebrity fathers are, but they do have one awesome trait in common: They are compassionate vegetarians and vegans! Check out the famous dads who extend their kindness to animals. Happy Father’s Day to all!

Al Gore
Daughters: Karenna, Sarah, and Kristin
Sons: Albert III


Darren Aronofsky
Son: Henry


Ed Begley Jr.
Daughters: Amanda and Hayden
Son: Nicholas


Forest Whitaker
Daughters: Sonnet, True, and Autumn
Son: Ocean

2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards©

Geezer Butler
Son: Terence (aka “Biff”)


James Cromwell
Daughter: Kate
Sons: Colin and John

James Cromwell©

Jason Schwartzman
Daughters: Marlowe and a brand-new baby girl whose name hasn’t been announced yet!

Jason Schwartzman©

John Salley
Daughters: Tyla and Giovanna

John Salley©

Daughters: Paloma and Luna
Son: Dante


Kevin Nealon
Son: Gable

Kevin Nealon©

Mark Hoppus
Son: Jack


Mos Def
Daughters: Chandani and Jauhara


Paul McCartney
Daughters: Stella, Heather, Mary, and Beatrice
Son: James

Paul McCartney©

Peter Dinklage
Daughter: Zelig

Peter Dinklage 2014©

Phil Collen
Son: Rory


Richard Linklater
Daughter: Lorelei, Charlotte, and Alina


Ricky Martin
Sons: Valentino and Matteo

Ricky Martin©

Ricky Williams
Daughters: Asha and Marley
Sons: Prince, Kekoa, and Elijah


Russell Simmons
Daughters: Ming Lee and Aoki Lee

Russell Simmons©

Samuel L. Jackson
Daughter: Zoe

Samuel L. Jackson©

Thom Yorke
Daughter: Agnes
Son: Noah


Tobey Maguire
Daughter: Ruby
Son: Otis

Tobey Maguire©

Tom Morello
Sons: Rhoads and Roman

Woody Harrelson
Daughters: Deni, Zoe, and Makani

Woody Harrelson©