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Report Card Grades: Earth Island Institute

Report Card Grades » Earth Island Institute » Grade: A+

Earth Island Institute was the first organization to endorse PETA’s statement calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase its funding and use of non-animal test methods.

The Earth Island Institute has always been very supportive of the animal protection stance on animal testing issues and has signed on to coalition efforts to pressure the EPA to reduce its reliance on animals in its chemical-testing programs.

What You Can Do
Please send letters thanking the Earth Island Institute for its progressive stance on animal testing issues.

Send letters to:

John Knox
Executive Director
Earth Island Institute
2150 Allston Way, Ste. 460
Berkeley, CA 94704-1375
510-859-9091 (fax)
[email protected]

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  • Lynda Ward says:

    Thank you for your stance on animal testing. It is so important that organizations such as yours help to improve the treatment of all animals.