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7 Videos the Circus Doesn’t Want You to See

Click any of these videos to find out how circuses take everything away from the animals they use.

1. They take babies away from their mothers.

2. They beat baby elephants into submission.

Alec Baldwin explains that elephant trainers use whips, chains, and electric prods. At 0:32, check out the shocking photos from an ex-Ringling trainer, and at 0:59, a vet tells you what the term “breaking an elephant” actually means.

3. But the adult trainings might be even worse.

Carson & Barnes Circus’ “animal care” director shows would-be elephant trainers how to use a bullhook. At 1:40, he viciously beats an elephant for making a mistake. At 2:38, he reveals how the circus keeps these beatings a secret, and at 3:56 he trades in a bullhook for an electric prod.

4. Trainers beat elephants before the show …

In 2009, a PETA investigation exposed the abuse going on behind the scenes at Ringling Bros. Circus. At 0:32, watch a trainer intentionally show an elephant a bullhook before striking her with it.

5. … and after the show.

A brave 5-year-old girl and her mother reveal what they saw after a Shrine circus show in Pittsburgh. At 0:58, the little girl breaks down everything that you need to know about the circus.

6. And the abuse continues for these elephants’ entire lives.

This SFW video shows the plight of Karen, an elephant who has been on the road with Ringling Bros. for more than 40 years.

7. Circuses are bad for all animals.

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