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How Can You Help Captive Orcas in 60 Seconds?

Orcas in marine theme parks need your help. Here’s what you can do to help orcas in 60 seconds or less.

Months After Her Baby Dies, Beluga Dies Suddenly at Georgia Aquarium

Maris, a female beluga whale at the Georgia Aquarium, dies suddenly—just months after losing her calf.

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Wounded and Scarred Dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium

Make the mistake of visiting the depressing Miami Seaquarium and you won’t be the only one scarred for life.

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Video: Dolphin Succumbs to Hunters

A video shared on social media shows the horror of dolphin slaughter and capture—and why you shouldn’t go see these animals in captivity.

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Help Free Lolita, the World’s Loneliest Orca Orca Image: © Terrell C. Newby, Ph.D.

Help Free Lolita, the World’s Loneliest Orca

Urge Palace Entertainment to retire Lolita to a coastal sanctuary that’s already available for her rehabilitation.

‘Free Lolita Now!’

Protestors descend on the Miami Seaquarium on the 45th anniversary of lone orca Lolita’s capture.

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Look Who Lolita the Orca Has on Her Side Now ©

Look Who Lolita the Orca Has on Her Side Now

Miami officials, prominent business leaders, and celebrities unite for Lolita’s freedom.

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PETA Blasts SeaWorld’s ‘Blue World Project’ as Too Little Too Late

PETA calls on the California Coastal Commission to deny a SeaWorld permit request that would still keep orcas confined to small tanks.

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UPDATE: Cruelty to Endangered Orca Lolita Nets Lawsuit Against Miami Seaquarium

PETA, ALDF, and others claim that the park is violating the Endangered Species Act.

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PETA Sues Pasadena Over SeaWorld Spy Records

One of SeaWorld’s moles was arrested at the Rose Parade protest but never charged – and PETA wants to know how deep SeaWorld’s relationship with the police goes.

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Harry Styles Tells Fans to Run in One Direction: Away From SeaWorld

Looks like SeaWorld has only one direction left to go in.

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PETA’s Independence Day Message to SeaWorld

PETA’s independence day message calls for liberty and justice for captive marine mammal prisoners.

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Surfer Kelly Slater Prevented From Submitting Question During SeaWorld Meeting

Slater was prevented from confronting SeaWorld during the company’s online meeting.

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Go Underwater With PETA’s New Virtual Reality Experience, “I, Orca”

In PETA’s stunning new empathy-building experience, viewers will go underwater to swim with a grieving mother orca.

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If You Love Dolphins, Don’t Ever Pay to Swim With Them

Before you book that excursion to swim with dolphins on your next vacation, find out the shocking truth behind these programs.

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