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Animal Experimentation

Brains in a Dish: No, This Isn’t a Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’

Brains in a Dish: No, This Isn’t a Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’

A huge breakthrough for Alzheimer’s research: Scientists have created what they call “Alzheimer’s in a Dish.”

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Why Are Frogs Leaping For Joy in Lima? © Valigursky

Why Are Frogs Leaping For Joy in Lima?

A top university in Peru ends frog dissections, thanks to donated humane educational tools from PETA.

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India Closes Loophole in Cosmetics-Testing Ban

The Indian government has strengthened its historic ban on animal testing for cosmetics by also banning the importation of cosmetics tested on animals.

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Colgate Supports India’s Cosmetics Testing Ban ©

Colgate Supports India’s Cosmetics Testing Ban

PETA thanks personal-care product giant Colgate-Palmolive for its support of India’s ban on testing cosmetics on animals.

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The Truth Your Teacher Never Told You: #DissectionKills!

Every year, millions of animals are abused, killed, and mutilated for one reason: DISSECTION. Learn the TRUTH about classroom dissection.

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Enter TeachKind’s ‘Cut Out Dissection’ Contest! © / CEFutcher

Enter TeachKind’s ‘Cut Out Dissection’ Contest!

Happy October—also known to us here at TeachKind as “Cut Out Dissection” Month! Each year, more than 10 million animals—including frogs, rats, fetal pigs, and cats—are used in cruel …

Ad Blitz Targets Child Abuse at NIH

A new D.C. ad blitz lets legislators and the public know that millions in tax dollars are being used to torture and kill baby monkeys.

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Who Cares About Mice and Rats?

Tell your congresspeople to care about mice and rats!

How You Can Do Twice as Much Good for Animals in Laboratories

If you donate to PETA’s Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge by the October 31 deadline, your gift will be MATCHED dollar for dollar.

UPDATE: Cruelty and Carelessness Come Back to Bite Animal Experimenter

An animal experimenter is forced to resign after PETA exposes careless and cruel rabies experiments that he conducted at the CDC.

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Ad Puts NIH Chief’s Feet to the Fire

Pulling no punches, PETA’s new ad calls out NIH.

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Victory! University of Colorado–Boulder Spares Frogs and Rats

Rats have a reason to cheer and frogs can jump for joy following PETA’s campaign.

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What’s Changed Since PETA’s Historic Silver Spring Monkeys Case?

It’s been more than three decades since PETA investigated a laboratory in Silver Spring, Maryland, and changed the course of animal rights history.

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NIH Baby Monkey Abuse

Videos filmed by NIH staff show sadistic experiments carried out on baby monkeys, wasting more than $30 million in taxpayer money.

NIH Child Abuse: Experiments on Baby Monkeys Exposed

Chilling photos and videos reveal traumatic psychological experiments on monkeys and their babies in taxpayer-funded NIH laboratories.