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What Do Zombies Have in Common With a Pleather Fetish?

Written by PETA | October 15, 2008

They’ve both been featured in killer PETA street demonstrations this month! Now, we’re known for being clever, sexy, and interesting when it comes to our eye-catching demos, but in my opinion, the last few weeks have really taken the cake. Check it:


These hottie-boom-botties have teamed up at San Francisco’s annual leather-fetish festival to remind people that you can still have the fetish without the flesh.
Pleather Demo


This devoted peta2 crowd got in the Halloween spirit this year by donning fake blood and zombie makeup to remind the rest of New York City that they’d rather be dead than eat at KFC.
peta2 KFC Demo


This awesome activist removed her clothes and slapped on the tiger stripes to remind circusgoers that wild animals don’t belong behind bars.
Caged Tiger Demo


PETA Germany Demo

PETA Germany activists staged a naked die-in to draw public attention (as well as tons of German media attention) to their frustration with the European Union’s support for the cruel bullfighting industry.
PETA Germany Demo


Our good pal Frieda the Sea Kitten laid out our ever-popular (not to mention massive) sea kitten quilt for aquarium attendees in Tampa to remind them that sea kittens are wonderful animals who shouldn’t be held in captivity.
Fish Quilt Demo


Written by Christine Doré

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  • Ante says:

    Is there a name for that? Oh wait…public indecency! I agree with Lynda…KFC may not be my choice for a meal having sworn off nearly all fast foods but I’d enjoy it far more than dying. It would sure be awkward to die and have to explain to the angels how I died.

  • anonymous says:

    Anyone who would rather die than eat KFC is insane. Why would you even say that?

  • lynda downie says:

    Very nice demos!! I especially love the pleather demo an excellent way to show you don’t have to use animal skin to be sexy and the caged ‘tiger’.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    My admiration for all the great ARA’s pictured.

  • Rachel says:

    These pictures are great! Make PETA organizations avalible countrywide so we can spread a message all over!

  • SASHA says: