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You Won’t Believe How Far People Will Go to Abuse Opossums

Written by Alisa Mullins | July 18, 2014

It pays to have friends in high places. Thanks to a new North Carolina state law rammed through by Rep. Roger West—who just happens to be a sponsor of the Opossum Drop—Clay  County, where the event is held, is specifically exempt from state opossum protection laws between December 26 and January 2. The law is shamelessly intended to allow Opossum Drop organizers to skirt wildlife protection laws so that they can capture a wild opossum and suspend the terrified animal in a Plexiglas box high in the air on New Year’s Eve as loud music is played, fireworks are set off, muskets are fired, and crowds of people scream at the top of their lungs.

Not so fast, opossum abusers: PETA and several North Carolina residents have filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to prevent the new law from taking effect—as well as a declaration that it is unconstitutional—on the grounds that it violates the right to fair and impartial laws by allowing one class of people (organizers of the Opossum Drop) to engage for one week each year in activity that would be punishable by fines and jail time anywhere else in the state.


PETA’s lawsuit notes one example of the challenged law’s unconstitutionality: While licensed wildlife rehabilitators outside Clay County who rescue and provide care for injured and orphaned wild animals in North Carolina, including opossums, are required to comply with state wildlife laws every day of the year—through obtaining licenses, paying licensing fees, and more—the challenged law allows people in Clay County, such as Opossum Drop organizers, to keep and harass opossums in any manner they choose between December 26 and January 2.

What You Can Do

Celebrations should never include inflicting pain or suffering on animals. Learn more about entertainment that doesn’t harm animals as well as how to live in harmony with wildlife.

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  • tim gabe says:

    We as humans can’t even celebrate a holiday without having to abuse or hurt something that is alive. How DUMB!!!

  • Karina says:

    How people can abuse animals in that way? They’re so sick!!! Why they can’t see that they’re hurting animals?!!! I’ll never understand that stupid celebrations…

  • kellycarby says:

    Disgusting! Again My faith in humanity is lost. So for those sick people out there that think it’s so “fun” to torment a possum in this way, here are some facts that you uneducated ignorant people should know about the possum. Possums are totally or impartially have an immunity to the most deadly snakes, if you have a possum living close to your home, feel fortunate because they will run the snake away, they eat bugs – so your home would be safe from snakes and there would not be many bugs in your backyard. Oh and possums do not get rabies, they are immune to the disease. The possum never will attack a family pet, they are peaceful, slow and nocturnal. They don’t like drama, so they don’t start drama. Possums are the only marsupial in North America. They are one of the 2 in the world. The kangaroo is the other. POSSUMS ARE ONE OF THE CLEANEST OF OUR wildlife friends. They meticulously clean themselves and their babies – when they aren’t hunting for food at night. They are cleaning their fur, looking for water to wash their hands and feet. Possums are NOT RODENTS, AND SHOULD NOT BE FEARED. SINCE THEY DO NOT ATTACK! A possum will play dead before it bites. They are peaceful animals, just trying to survive in a world where their homes are frequently destroyed, where they are frequently hit by cars – and now frequently hunted just to get the sh*t scared out of them – then killed brutally. Basically if you kill a possum for fun, you are a coward, since they won’t defend themselves. You are a bulky if you think this is a sport. Any people out there that thinks killing animals is fun, why don’t FIRST you put your gun Down, and pick a fight with an animal your own size, say a mounts in lion or a bear, and then we will see who is still standing. I guarantee it will not be the coward. LEAVE THE POSSUM ALONE! It is defenseless! It doesn’t dig, destroy, make messes or attack. If anything pity the possum. Hello my fellow human beings, we have highly evolved brains, we are the smart mammal on earth! There is no excuse for this behavior. There is no excuse for violence toward the defenseless possum. Or any violence. If we can’t treat animals with humanity, then there in no hope we will ever be a peaceful world.

  • Nika says:

    Long live PETA!!!!

  • Larry L. Miller says:

    Sleazy scumbags abuse animals.

  • Deb spanhake says:

    Mankind is not kind he is barbaric

  • Manel Dias says:

    I am so disturbed and could not fathom how these people keep torturing and abusing such tiny, helpless, voiceless animals for the sake of so called fun, sport, & to make money. We humans have no right to take any other living beings life away from them. They are all god’s creations. Please BAN this horrific, unethical, massive abuse and inflictings and the murder of such innocent, helpless animals. Please help save these fragile creatures lives being destroyed by the subhumans. Shame on those ruthless heartless individuals who consider this massive and brutal animal abuse as a sport.

  • laurel mancini says:

    This makes me ill. ‘Possums have been coming to my backyard for five years. I have seen big, medium, small and tiny possums. I put out food and water for them and watch them eat. They are an ancient animal and, to me, quite sweet. I hold that it is easier to do a kind act than a mean one. If you think about this, the truth of it will make you realize that mean people use a lot of energy – just to be mean. And nice people use the same amount of energy – and commit several nice acts with the same.