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Wiping Out Meat, One Sheet of Toilet Paper at a Time

Written by PETA | December 1, 2008

Our recent demo in Kansas City was really, really crappy. Which was good, considering that we were handing out toilet paper. You see, we staked out a local steakhouse and greeted patrons with T.P. that was embossed with a special meaty message. Why give away this fly two-ply? Someone needs to tell meat-eaters that they’re full of crap.


PETA toilet paper demo


And here’s a close-up from our Columbia demo:


PETA toilet paper demo


Consider this nasty little nugget of truth: A lot of the flesh from the 10 billion animals who are killed for meat in the U.S. each year is contaminated with E. coli, campylobacter, listeria, and other dangerous bacteria that live in the intestinal tracts and feces of animals. Just think about it: Animals on today’s factory farms are crammed by the tens of thousands into filthy sheds and slaughtered on killing floors that are contaminated with feces, vomit, and other bodily fluids. Is it really any surprise that these unsanitary conditions breed bacteria? Um, that would be a hell-to-the-no!

With more than 75 million cases of food poisoning each year in the U.S.—70 percent of which are caused by contaminated animal products—no one can deny that tainted meat is a major health threat. Plus, even if the bacteria in your burger doesn’t kill you now, the saturated fat and cholesterol might lead to obesity, heart disease, and certain types of cancer later on down the road.

Our demonstration also made it down to Omaha. Check out these fantastic pictures:

PETA toilet paper demo


PETA toilet paper demo


That said, what would you like on your veggie burger?

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Megan says:

    Oh my god! I am a veg and I never knew that meat contained tons of well…poo! That is gross and slaughterhouses are cruel. If only people includeing my family understood how I feel and PETA

  • Ace says:

    Omnivore m’nvr’ An organism that eats both plants and animals.

  • Maryrose says:

    OMG. that made me laugh out loud. i love the truth. D

  • Simran says:

    yeah… cute cow!!!!!!!!! you should hold a protest in austin texas. thats gross. i m glad 2 b vegan.

  • KRose says:

    I have lost over 20 lbs. and my mother has lost over 40 and this was accomplished by ONLY switching to a vegan diet and not doing any exercise. I have never lost weight so easily.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    While it’s true that vegetarian food can harbour dangerous pathogens usually originating from animal products in the first place the Centers for Disease Control consider meat seafood and poultry as the most likely culprits with ground beef as the most likely source of E. Coli 0157H7. The odds for food safety are in favour of a vegetarian diet.

  • Carla says:

    Looks like Brett Farve in the Peta tshirt!!! Okay kidding!! Love the Demo though!! Go veggie burger with mushrooms lotsa mushrooms!!! And onions!!!

  • Harbinger says:

    While I commend you for sticking up for what you believe in not matter how questionable. I think that it is important for your readers to know that although hamburger grass or grain feed beef should be avoided socalled “healthy vegan” fare like spinach lettuce sprouts and other fruits vegetables andorganic or not have also been shown to carry E. coli O157H7 salmonella and other dangerous foodborne illnesses. Contaminated food isn’t just a meateaters problem it is our nation’s problem. Next time you should consider marching on Washington to demand that our nation’s food supply to kept safe! Good luck to you!

  • Kurt K says:

    Bob Ralph I take you’ve never been to Ted’s Montana Grill then? I will agree with you about the heavy people but I doubt just eating veggie burgers would do much. They need to build a Balley’s gym or something along those lines.

  • SASHA says:

    What a cute cow! I hope that the meat eater’s saw a video of the abuse and torture of the cows they are eating. Everyone should have to see were their food comes from.

  • Bob Ralph says:

    Can you please hold a stakout in the city of Carmel. It is alittle north of indianapolis. MOre obese people here need to try the veggie burger to loose some weight.