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What’s a Sea Kitten? Look It Up!

Written by PETA | May 6, 2010
Sea Kitten

By now, we all know what a sea kitten is—or do we?

If you’re baffled by the term, you must be a new PETA Files reader (welcome!). PETA’s been campaigning for sea kittens for years, but there are still some people who look at us glassy-eyed when we mention these adorable animals, which is why we are asking Merriam-Webster to add an entry for “sea kitten” to its popular dictionaries. That way, anyone who hears the term “sea kittens” will know that they are smart, social, and sensitive animals who deserve our respect and compassion—instead of being hooked, netted, and suffocated.

While we’re waiting to see if “sea kitten” makes the cut for the latest editions of the dictionary, you can help make people aware of sea kittens and how to help them with one of our fab “Eat No Sea Kitten” T-shirts!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • lynda downie says:

    Did you know that in some places otters are called sea cats? Just a little fun fact.

  • Mary says:

    Not saying that fish aren’t cool but changing their name is like saying that they aren’t cool enough on their own. It would be better to just educate people on why fish are great on their own without calling them strange names.

  • john j says:

    Save the Squid! They may not be sea kittens maybe call them sea puppies!

  • Toby Saunders says:

    It’s a clever campaign not just because it plays on the common Westernculture nuturednotion that kittens are worthy of life but because kittens have comparable central nervous systems and amounts of consciousness to fishes. Squid however seem more like toddlers and fullgrown dogs with their consciousness there is footage of squid and octopi performing real feats of awareness like reaching into the pocket of scuba diver after watching the diver put something there. They aren’t fish but they get treated just as badly by people regularly.