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PLRS Closing; More Than 200 Animals to Be Freed

Written by PETA | September 16, 2010

Folks, this is HUGE: Last week, PETA filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as we released details of our lengthy undercover investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS). Today, we’re thrilled to report that the North Carolina facility is closing and surrendering its more than 200 dogs and cats.

This victory means that these tormented animals will finally receive the veterinary care and loving homes that they deserve. It is a monumental victory for them and for PETA.  

Never again will a worker at PLRS use pliers to yank teeth from a struggling dog who has been denied proper pain relief or get her kicks by trying to rip out a cat’s claws. No longer will PLRS supervisors and employees ignore the deafening, desperate cries of animals like Clementine (aka”38902″), a sweet senior Dalmatian, or leave rabbits to suffer painful burns and sores in urine-soaked cages.

If you’re like me, you may need to pinch yourself. Go ahead—and then let’s put our hands together for all the people who made this victory possible, from PETA’s undercover investigator who spent months chronicling PLRS’ cruelty to our compassionate supporters who made certain that news about PETA’s effort to end the nightmarish abuses at PLRS spread far and wide.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • [email protected] says:

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank you PETA. By far one of the worse videos I have ever seen. This is disgusting, creating horrible monsters.. who knows what those people are capable of after treating animals like that!! Murderers? This is just so sick and I broke down crying… If you guys can get any more information on the animals, who rescued them and how they are doing, we would really appreciate it. Also I would like to know why they are testing the animals, and what products are being tested so I know not to buy them. Please help us spread the word. These animals didn’t suffer for nothing. I thank you so much for ending this. Now lets bring down more places like this!!!!!!
    P.s Great work under cover investigator!! I could not have done it.. in fact I would probably have snapped seeing something like that!!! Great work for keeping it together to help them!

  • bee says:

    Does anyone know if that poor cat at the end was saved? I cant stop thinking of it

  • Danielle says:

    Hi, I saw this video and was completely horrified by the inhumanity of this facility. I was wondering what companies were linked to PLRS so I can tell my friends and family members to stop purchasing their products.

  • confused says:

    What in the world is wrong with that rabbit…?

  • Midnamoon says:

    God Bless all the people who helped shut this hell house down. I pray that one day, these places will never exsist. I know I’m asking for a lot but miracles can happen.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Great work. This is very disturbing these people should get what they give…

  • Ahna H. says:

    It’s a sad commentary on mankind on society that atrocities like this continue happen in this century. Thank you PETA staffers who work to end the abuse and suffering of animals worldwide.

  • Mike says:

    Thank God something was done about this. I could not watch the video. It sickens me to think that there are people like that out there. I usually don’t get phased by much, but this really really upset me. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Daniela says:

    Thanks PEta for sevings those poor animals , and give them a nice time for the last days of them lives.

  • frank noce says:

    All animal experimentation labs should be outlawed & closed. What we don’t do to people we shouldn’t be allowed to do to other animals. Or one day we will do to selected people what we do to other animals. Its happened before

  • OLGA says:


  • MANU says:

    Thank You in name of every painful animal. PETA are like a battalion of Angels from Heaven rescueing suffering souls from hell. May your efforts always be successful. You should be known everywhere, speccialy in the South Europe, so blind to the animal’s problems, where your example should be followed. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!