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Victory! Monkey Abuser Loses Again in Court

Written by PETA | October 7, 2011

Bioculture, the company that planned to open a monkey-breeding facility in Guayama, Puerto Rico, suffered another crippling blow today when Puerto Rico’s Court of Appeals upheld a December 2009 Superior Court ruling that the construction of the facility was illegal because of zoning and permit issues.

You may recall that PETA and local citizens first got construction of the facility stopped in 2009 with a successful lawsuit and injunction blocking further construction. Unhappy that we interrupted its plans to imprison monkeys and sell them off to cruel fates in laboratories, Bioculture appealed the decision. And now, once again, the Puerto Rican courts have told the company, “No más.”

Since the city of Guayama has also enacted a law banning the import, export, breeding, and use of monkeys in experiments within its boundaries, Bioculture’s shameful activities thankfully have no home in Puerto Rico. 

Please help PETA’s ongoing efforts to keep monkeys out of laboratories by signing the White House petition to replace the U.S. Army’s cruel training exercises using monkeys with modern human-patient simulators.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Rachele Ray says:

    God Bless & Thank You Puerto Rico & Peta for the banning the reproduction & future torture of these amazing animals. They are blessings & gifts from GoD. We should respect & appreciate them.

  • Ori says:

    Im SOrry the new is not in english! But the supreme court of puerto rico voted NO to the construction of the project of monkeys in guayama!

  • Tommy Ivors says:

    NO animal bodies, including primates, are medically comparable to humans, resulting in faulty & inaccurate laboratory test results & create medicines that cause us harm & death. Just listen to the TV commercials for ANY drug, the side affects are worse than the medical problem they were created to cure, all because labs create unreliable test results. There is NO excuse for animal abuse & we are working to end ALL inhumane testing. Tommy Ivors

  • Evelyn Rosa says:

    Thank you Puerto Rico for not allowing such cruelty.

  • Sassee says:

    GOOD JOB PETA!!!!!!!

  • loveallgodscreatures says:

    this is to Joe Monkey, i feel sorry for you and your children if you have any. shame on you for your comment. do you know what karma means? well if i were you i would be more respectful of all life. who are you to judge which life is more valuable??

  • Merryla Fidler says:

    Monkeys have feelings like us humans. Labs experiments on animals is saddistic+pointless. his cruelty must stop now.

  • Alison says:

    The comment from Joe Monkey, I don’t know if you are for or against using monkeys in lab experiments. It has been proven that animals have different systems then we do. Therefore, any lab experiments, prove no value to medical advancement. Proof…there is no cure for cancer. There is only remission. If you have witnessed the experiments that they do on animals, you will no longer condone it. Some say use prisoners for lab experiments. All I say is stop the violence and animal cruelty.

  • Nikki G. says:

    Happy and proud that my beautiful island had the commonsense to say NO!

  • Denise says:

    Monkey’s have feelings just like humans Mr. Monkey!

  • OLESYA says:

    to joe monkey! hey you DONT have to volunteer ur kids there are technology without any living beings needed, so they could use these NOT live animals!

  • sherra says:

    Please do not use monkeys or any other animals for experiments. It is cruel.

  • Joe Monkey says:

    If you don’t want see monkeys used in labs, then volunteer your kids.

  • Heather Marv says:

    Animals including monkeys should have no place in experimentations which basicly are just torture chambers. They should be living in the wild or at the very least in the care of sanctuaries that take their care and welfare very seriously.