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Victory! Cruelty Won’t Fly With Air China

Written by PETA | July 31, 2012

Following a vigorous PETA campaign, Air China has confirmed that it’s joining nearly every other airline worldwide by refusing to transport monkeys to laboratories. The airline’s decision comes less than 24 hours after PETA asked its Facebook and Twitter followers to call Air China Cargo’s main office at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and demand that the airline stop shipping primates to laboratories—a move that prompted thousands of phone calls to the company.

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Straighten Up and Fly Right

PETA’s work to bring about this policy change dates back to last year and has included pleas to company officials, complaints to the government, phone and email protests and a demonstration at Air China’s office at Los Angeles International Airport. Last month, PETA filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) after a laboratory-bound monkey escaped aboard an Air China flight. The USDA cited the airline, China’s largest and their flagship carrier, for violating federal animal welfare laws and warned that subsequent violations could result in civil penalties or criminal prosecution for Air China.

This victory is also due to the thousands of members and supporters who responded to PETA’s action alert—resulting in at least 24,000 e-mails to Air China’s offices around the world—and to everyone who flooded Air China’s offices at JFK airport with calls asking the airline to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories.

China is the source of more than 70 percent of monkeys imported to the U.S. for use in cruel experiments—and with Air China no longer participating in this bloody trade, experimenters will find it harder to get their hands on more victims.

What You Can Do

There’s still more work to be done! Please take a minute now to urge the tiny handful of airlines that still transport monkeys to laboratories to join Air China and its peers in adopting a policy against transporting primates destined for experiments.

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  • sierra says:

    thank you for helping us fight the seal slaughter u are so brave and the best

  • Lorena espinosa says:

    Libertad alto a tanto maltrato

  • glenda cook says:

    Thank you. This is barbaric. These animals are our closest biological relatives.

  • Joanne Ignaccolo says:

    Je refuse totalement de prendre l’avion avec AIR FRANCE, ayant l’habitude de voyager pour mon travail, surtout en France, je ne prendrai plus AIR FRANCE jusqu’à ce qu’ils se commettent à ne plus transporter ces animaux, SOUS AUCUNE CONSIDÉRATION. Merci

  • liliana elias says:


  • diane lombardi says:

    Thank you Peta for saving innocent,defenseless creatures from around the world.Ingrid YOU ROCK!!! I’m proud to be a Peta member!!I want a request. Please look into the Namibia seals in South Africa that are being slaughtered for thier fur. It started July 01,and ends November 15. Thank you so much.

  • oledihard says:

    This is great news. I called the airline and had the phone hung up on me. Hearing that they did take notice and do the right thing gives me hope that China may turn around from other abuses as well.

  • cinzia ardemagni says:


  • lia giorgetti says:

    orible !!!!!….

  • diane lombardi says:

    Peta you rock!! Thank you for saving helpless innocent creatures. I’m proud to be a PETA MEMBER!!!

  • Bonnie says:

    This is such good news! Thank you PETA for the incredible work do for animals.

  • diane lombardi says:

    Thank you PETA for saving helpless innocent creatures. I am proud to be a PETA MEMBER!!!!

  • Lorita Albayrak says:

    Stop crualty to innocent and free creatures!!!

  • LUCA BULFON says:

    vi condanno a morte per i crimini contro la specie animale

  • Giuseppe Calabro' says:

    E’ vergognoso, oggigiorno, vedere queste torture! Basta….

  • lia giorgetti says:

    ORRORRR !!!!….

  • gaggiotti sabrina says:

    stop at cruelty!!!!

  • Smircle says:

    That’s disgusting. Stop transporting animals to their deaths.

  • renee wines says:

    stop cruelty to animals

  • renee wines says:

    stop transporting animals to ther deaths

  • Etienne Saint Vregord says:

    Fantastic victory, a victory for my heart too. This news gives great pleasure for me and many many others people . Thank you PETA for an incredible work you have done and always does for the animals on the earth ☀ ☀ ☀

  • carlos says:

    Que poca verguenza.

  • Manel says:

    Finally a very Wise decision has taken by the Chinese Authorities. In this new era it is obvious that the ‘oldendays cruel practises’ performed on helpless animals must be stopped. This is one step taken forward to stop the animal cruelty.

  • Monika says:

    That’s a great relief!

  • Rita Casolari says:

    La sperimentazione animale si è rivelata inutile. Queste creature sono nostri fratelli e noi non abbiamo il diritto di umiliarle così. Rita Casolari

  • Mari says:

    I only hope they will stop the fur trade and using ivory and rhino horn and start to love and value wildlife and nature as we do

  • Ganesh says:

    Great news. thank you PETA and one and all who made some efforts for this.

  • Barbara says:

    Now also Air France – KLM must stop trading animals for vivisection!!! It’s a shame for all Europe, it’s disgusting. Let’s boycott these companies until they end animal trade!!!!

  • autret mary says:

    bravo Peta pour vos actions , et comme vous je refuse le transport des singes déstinés aux laboratoires …

  • Brande says:

    thank God, this is great news my heart is so happy, thank you all and thank the lord. prayers are anwsered… i am sure the animals are thankful as well, i know they are in my heart… thank you over n over again

  • Shawnie says:

    Amazing news!!!! Definitely a huge step in the right direction.

  • Cosimo Scovotto says:

    Stop, Alt! Basta con questa crudeltà! Se avete un Cuore voi che fate parte di queste grandi compagnie aeree e navali, non fate più trasporti per queste povere bestiole indifese. Pensate solo se vi rapiscono un vs caro cosa si può provare! Riflettete solo un pò! Grazie

  • Robin says:

    Really good news, good work everyone

  • Michal says:

    Great news, thanks a lot everyone who participated and shared!

  • Beatrice says:

    voglio mettere fine a questa atrocita’ BASTA!!

  • Miriam Nathan says:

    Bravo, PETA ! Soon no slave merchants will find it profitable to catch, breed and fly innocent and helpless monkeys anywhere in the world !!!!!

  • Eva Fidjeland says:

    Refuse to transport animals to laboratories!

  • ines correa prados says:

    no a la experimentación

  • Philip D'Gracie says:

    All those airlines who still transport monkeys to laboratories, end it now! How long do you plan on keeping this up? You are in the minority of heartless and apathetic human beings! Leave these monkeys alone and where they belong, with their families. Would you like to be kidnapped and transported to unknown destinations to be tortured and tested on for pointless experiments? I didn’t think so!!!

  • Katie Brundle says:

    This is absolutely disgraceful, inhumane cruel and unforgiveable. These airlines should be boycotted. Animal experimentation has been proved to be a gross betrayal of science. Animal physiology is completely different to humans – this is a fact and more humans have died due to inaccurate diagnosis. So many monkeys have died a dreadful death in cancer experiments and now trillions of dollars later there is still NO cure for cancer but untold millions of animals have suffered needlessly and died. I will NEVER fly Air China, this barbaric practise must stop.

  • Linda Ann Gray says:

    Air France (SCARE FRANCE) and KLM (KILLING LITTLE MONKEYS)are still transporting primates to labs. This MUST end now.

  • Anjali Jarrett says:

    Please join Air China and its peers in adopting a policy against transporting lab animals or animals used in any kind of experiments. Even if you’re not directly carrying out the experiments, you’re still part of it by transporting these poor animals, who feel pain, scream in pain, and spend the rest of their lives in pain. Don’t do it!

  • vicki says:

    Please dont take them on board it is not fair to be put on this earth just take be exprimented on, let them have a life thank you

  • Jose says:

    This is fantastic news! Keep up the amazing work PETA. Proud to be of this amazing organization!

  • jmack says:

    Please stop assisting in torturing animals by providing transportation. Whatever hell these poor creatures have to endure you are just as guilty as the people physically inflicting pain. You are part of the cycle of cruelty. Have you seen what these poor creatures go through? If not you should watch and ask yourself if you personally want to be associated with this ugliness. Do the right thing….stop participating in torturing animals. Have a Heart

  • Scott MacDonald says:

    I’ll never fly Air China!!!

  • karen allen says:

    Excellent news…just hope they intend to carry out what they say and dont go bck on their word….

  • Jaline says:

    No more air lines that transporting animals No more animals in laboratories

  • deb harris says:

    please join AirChina in adopting a policy against transporting primates destined for experiments

  • Kosha says:

    This is awful. This animal abuse must STOP!!!!!!