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Victory! Undercover Investigations Ban Fails

Written by PETA | May 10, 2011

Lights, camera, justice for animals! A controversial Florida bill that would have made filming and photographing factory farms without the owner’s permission illegal—and which PETA Vice President Dan Mathews personally visited Florida to speak out against—has died in the House. This is a huge victory for animals, since the bill would have essentially banned the undercover investigations necessary to expose cruelty to animals on factory farms, prosecute the offenders, and lobby for improved animal welfare standards.

Unfortunately, animals are still under attack in Iowa and Minnesota, where legislators are still considering bills that would subject whistleblowers to criminal prosecution. Cloris Leachman has written on PETA’s behalf to legislators in both states explaining that filming is necessary for exposing criminal cruelty to animals.

You can speak out against these thinly veiled attempts by the meat industry to hide the truth, even if you don’t live in Minnesota or Iowa, by e-mailing the governors of both states and urging them to veto the hush bills if they are passed.
Written by Michelle Sherrow


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  • juju says:

    Thank you Perez. Your compassions and convictions are well spoken. This time for animals reminds me of the days children had no rights. That too was a long, hard won battle. One of the tools that was used was the video tapes placed in day cares and home care. It is what we must do to expose the abuse of these innocent animals.God help the abuser. They are very sick people.

  • luvanimals says:

    So many animals need our help! Endangered animals nearly dwindled and then they open hunting season on them again…circus animals neglected,abused and malnourished-is it any wonder they (rarely)go beserk & try to escape? Stockyards abusing animals for their amusement! Using animals for experiments because they can’t complain…I hate animals abusers,people who abandon animals…it all makes me so mad!

  • Mark D says:

    As a Florida resident I was quite concerned about this bill and so relieved that efforts by PETA stopped its passage. Now Florida has to work on inhumane egg operations and chicken slaughtering houses. PETA rocks !

  • Nadja says:

    How can people be so cruel to animals? They say humans are the most intelligent creature but I beg the diffrence some people have no braincells at all. Thanks Perez Hilton for supporting this!! Love and peace to all!!!!

  • Michele says:

    EXCELLENT NEWS! Keep it up and for sure better treatment for animals is on the way. They deserve kindness and appreciation. And I appreciate all that YOU do!

  • MeganAshley says:

    Sexually abuse pigs? That’s just not right! How disturbed can someone be to do that? Perez Hilton is amazing. I hate when people bash him.

  • Carla* says:

    This made my day!! Thanks to all involved in killing this bill!! Justice for all animals!!

  • MA Moore says:

    Barbara, the best thing you can do is alert the authorities (Humane Society). Also get the word out, people have got to know the truth! Good Luck and my heart goes out to you for your losses ;(

  • L. Chapman says:

    If these bills are passed and whistleblowers are prosecuted because they are exposing cruelty to animals it will be a great injustice to them. Many animals will suffer greatly which I am sure the legislators would not want.

  • Rat King says:

    Yes – this is a great victory, indeed! Thank you, Dan Mathews and Perez Hilton and everybody involved! This victory is greater than we can imagine!

  • reneed204 says:

    Such good news. Thank you Perez, for supporting this crucial cause!!

  • Barbara says:

    An individual in our community advertised to take horses and ponies. I called him because I was ill ( later had a kidney removed due to renal cell carcinoma). He told me he was taking my six ponies to his nephew’s for training. I believed him. I let him have them and especially my baby pony that I was very attached too. I deeply regret that now as I believe he takes horses to Canada. I called him to ask if I could buyy them back or at least to go see them and he was evasive and said I couldn’t because his nephew was unavailable. Is there something I can do to help shut this person down. He is advertising all the time in our local paper. I have to let this go. It is a big source of grief for me and guilt. Thanks, Barbara

  • MA Moore says:

    Excellent News! Put a camera in every stockyard, slaughterhouse and factory farm. Consumers have the right to be informed about their food choices. Consumers have got to see what is going on here, then and only then will they be informed! Abuse is abuse is abuse. Kudos to MFA & PETA!