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Vick Pleads Not Guilty

Written by PETA | July 26, 2007

Vick_Courthouse_Protest_2.jpgAll day today, PETA protesters and hundreds of members of the public stood outside the U.S. District Court in Richmond, Virginia, to call for vigorous prosecution of Michael Vick and the three other men charged in this horrific dogfighting case. Although this story is the first glimpse for many people of exactly what dogfighting is all about, the real tragedy here is that the kind of abuse detailed in Vick’s indictment is as widespread as it is horrific. In the last year alone, PETA has responded to more than 14,000 calls and e-mails regarding other dogfighting and individual cruelty-to-animals cases. It’s great that there has been so much outrage over this case, and we’re certainly going to keep pushing to make sure that it is treated with the utmost seriousness by the courts—as well as by Vick’s sponsors and the NFL—but the next step is going to be getting policymakers and law enforcement officers to treat all cases of dogfighting and animal cruelty the same way that they have been prosecuting this case, which happens to be under scrutiny from the media.


The good news is that this is already beginning to happen on the federal level. According to a press release from Senator John Kerry’s office today, the senator has announced that he is “introducing legislation to finally eliminate dogfighting, which has been targeted by federal and state laws but by all accounts is more popular than ever.” A copy of the proposed bill can be found here, and you can read our thank you letter to Senator Kerry and expression of support for the bill here.


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  • valerie says:

    I think it’s disgusting that some of you choose to play the race card on this commentary. This is about cruelty and taking advantage of the helpless for sport and profit. It’s just as bad as child porn. If anyone takes the time to read the 18 page indictment one can clearly see that there is too much detail and too many withesses for those involved to be totally innocent. I don’t care what color the dogs or people involoved are it’s just WRONG.

  • mona says:

    hi i live in france and i must say may be french people are right when they say that a lot of americans are stupid!! i can t believe what i m reading because this asshole is a football player no matter with what he does?? he must go to hell!! of course there is war poor people and everything… but i don’t think that because there are so many horrible things thant mean that animal can be tortured killed … so that a stupid bastard can have fun… i support peta because i love animals and that doesn’t mean that i don t love human. but ans animal can not defend himself… if you are concerned by human rights choose an association and leave this website. but don’t disrespect people who cares about animal !!!

  • DAKID says:

    You are just mad because he’s black and has money. I am almost considered a carnivore.

  • melanie says:

    peta is doing a great job by going after vick i dont agree with them on politics but i do on animal abuse and vick would not stop with dog fighting it would only escalate he didnt do it for money he enjoyed the kill and it wouldnt stop with dogs get the picture he reminds me of the emperor in gladiator

  • VestaGirl says:

    To Posted by Rich July 28 2007 1007 AM Ha ha ha “Rich”! You are SO Original!!!! You really “got” us wyour post you are a genius!!! I am in AWE of you … NOT. Now get back to work KFC needs you to go clean the toilets. Byebye you LOSER! Oh and so sorry sour grapes about Vick being dropped by Nike Reebok and everybody else. It’s so incredibly unjust isn’t it? Just kiddin! I haven’t stopped smiling since the announcement of him being dropped by Nike et al. And now one of his cohorts has flipped on him…FANTASTIC! Yes Rich enjoy your life as another uneducated servile pleb … you are clearly of Vick’s ilk. Again stick to your dayjob I just don’t see a Pulitzer in your future! Ahhahaha!!!! oh sorry you probably don’t even know what that means…. All the best and you can kiss my sweet pitbull’s ! xoxox VestaGirl

  • don says:

    i beg of peta to pleaseee hold there judgement and be mature. why is the founder of peta letting his followers destroy this man rep and his way of life without goning to a single minute in a trial. please stop this maddness. if he is guilty pleasee jump on him all u want.

  • don says:

    people say we are defending this behavior everytime i see a dog fight my close but it is completly wrong to stand in front of this innoncent man job and demand that he is supsended. The only thing they have against vick is four witnesses and everyone in virginia that have the ears near the street tryin to get the truth instead accusing say that all of these witnesses are dogfighters and drugdealers lookin for a way out of jail time. You guys have one reason to be mad at vick this was his house and neighbours say they haven’t seen vick since the house was purchase but they have seen tony taylor and the others that lived in the house.

  • nle says:

    Just wanted to let Peta know what a great job they are doing to help animals. It takes a lot of effort and work to organize all the protestsflyers emails etc.. You guys are doing a great job! And to all the people that posted comments against Peta and criticized them for not taking stand on other issues lets realize that everyone has their own different passions and this websiteorganization is to help end animal cruelty. If you feel so passionate about ending the war or other issues and you really want to make change then perhaps you may want to consider finding organizations that focus on those issuses and help make the change you want to see actually happen.

  • emma says:

    for all you idiots saying shit like “they’re just dogs” or “worry about something else like the war” you have no place in telling us what do to so fuck you. and you make think they’re “just dogs” but I highly doubt you would like to be shot hung drown electricuted or body slammed to your death. its AGAINST THE FUCKING LAW and that son of a bitch will rot in prison as well as lose his job

  • John says:


  • erica says:


  • ann says:

    to those of u who think dog fighting has been around for so long it is just a fact of life U R WRONG. if we can get rid of slavery we can get rid of dog fighting.

  • ann says:

    dear mr.vickspetascapegoat plese spend some time to read and understand my post s. i hv never said ur buddy or may be ur bro michael vick is supposed to be role model. personally i never expect a ball player can be or should be someone’s role model. but i do expect every human being rich or poorand that includs ball players obey the law. what the cruel acts they did to the dogs they bought breed and stolen made them not qualify to be called ” human” anymore. yes i am a housewife so what?does it mean i am dumber than u are?lol thank u for ur attention. ann

  • Michele says:

    Hmmmm a lot of you antiPETA people keep throwing out insults like “childish” and “hypocrites” that’s the word that you mean when you have actually written “hippocrits”. It’s actually quite amusing to see their immature and incoherent responses to some very concise rational statements by the various proanimal people on this site. The antiPETA and likely antianimal people here have resorted to namecalling and “I know you are but what am I” kinds of responses. Who are the childish ones here???? I especially loved Jeffro’s response to one of my earlier posts I am assuming it is me when he says “Michelle” as there are no others with a similar name on this particular thread. I should surgically alter myself to become an animal just because I love animals and take the time to speak up for them? Okay so following that fascinating logic I should also turn myself into a vegan chocolate bar because I REALLY love chocolate! Anyway back to the point of this thread. Animal abuse is horrific whether it has been committed by a celebrity or a little old bluehaired lady. Everyone should be “punished” for such behaviours however the consequence has to fit with the “crime”. So if someone causes severe neglect because of laziness they should never be allowed to own an animal again. If an animal is not properly cared for because its owner just does not understand the level of care needed for a pet then perhaps they simply need educating. If a pet owner has not taken the time to have its pet’s nails trimmed this is not a good thing however it is not the same as someone who has deliberately obtained a breeding license who has started a company called “Bad Newz Kennels” who owns a property where dogs are trained to fight to the death and who has already engaged in criminal activity in the past. If you do not like what the animal supporters have to say then why do you spend so much time on a website for people who are either already involved in animal rights in some way or who are interested in learning more? If you are as convinced of Vick’s innocence as the proanimal people here are of his guilt then you certainly have the right to protest in favour of Vick. PETA did not “force” anybody to do anything they just opened people’s eyes to the cruelty to which these animals have been subjected.

  • Wendy says:

    Tracy G I am truly grateful for your comment. I am so glad that you can see the connection between the humans that do these things. What would the world be like if certain humans didn’t think they were “above” so many others? It’d be fantastic. And Ana you made such great points. I just wish the “haters” would listen to them and learn from them. And for the last time this isn’t about race you idiots it’s about justice.

  • Jason says:

    Wow The war in Iraq The homeless the abuse of children and the worst of all the race card! Like so many have said this is a animal rights thread it has nothing to do with all the other issues that are being discussed. So for the Vick fans go elsewhere and spew your nonsense to people who care. I for one value my Pit bulls life far more than Micheal Vick’s life! Why you may ask? my pit bull would never hurt anyone or anything. Micheal Vick on the other hand gets his rocks of by watching animals fight thats disgusting. Last time I checked the Feds do not spend the time to create a 18page indictment if there is no proof. Vick should be put in a pen with all the dogs he fought and let them tear his black ass apart limb to limb baby! and if he does not win well then he should be electrocuted hung body slammed drowned or killed by some other horrible means! so how do all you Vick fans like that for a race card.

  • Vicki Mata says:

    Some of you people are unbelievable. You actually support Michael Vick’s treatment of animals? You’re insane. Yeah dogs may not be people but they are living creatures and should therefore be respected. Not to mention if you don’t want dogs or if you’re going to treat them horribly DON’T GET THEM! It’s as simple as that. This guy is obviously guilty he had a breeder’s license and everything. What else would you need that for? I hope he rots in jail.

  • Mike says:

    Do all you PETAbashers out there think that this is the only discussion board on Vick? There are many other threads discussing Vick and proclaiming his guilt or innocence. PETA is breaking no law. As well as innocent until proven guilty freedom of speech and the abuse thereof by some here is a cornerstone right. The Feds are now filing a superseding indictment which could mean more charges against Vick. He will get his day in court but the Feds don’t indict someone on a whim. They wouldn’t risk the time money and embarrassment unless they had substantial evidence. If PETA is wrong they’ll have a very large egg on their face and that’s a risk they are willing to take but if they are right some priceless and desperatelyneeded light will have been shone on the slimy criminal underworld of dogfighting.

  • Big Daddy says:

    PETA IS NOT THE LAW. You are placing your self above the law. There are more important issues at hand. This has went from a so called Dog attack Dog animal cruelty. To an PETA Attack Vick campaign Human cruelty You are trying to hang him out to dry for what. Trial has not convened you convicted the man already. Oh animals and white people have rights but Black people don’t. There are others involved I have not heard their names at all. Oh they may be black they don’t have Vick’s Money or platform. A young Black Male with a little money in both pockets. I understand this is a fact you people hate especially whites. He with out sin cast the first stone. So what if they suspend Him from the NFL what have you accomplished. Dogs are still bleeding barking and fighting. I think Peta is trying use Mike Vick and the NFL to push there agenda. Which is not so clear. It’s as though this is the first dog fight in history. Dog fighting was not an issue until you saw it as an opportunity your agenda. I am not saying this act is right. But dog fighting has been going on in both the white and black community for years and sometimes together underground or not. Its funny now all of a sudden it is wrong. What are you doing to help the dogs? Because when other animal events of cruelty takes place more serious ones you are no where to be seen. Oh I forgot you have an agenda to push. Do you actually care about the animals or are you Prejudice like the rest of the world.

  • jason says:

    you peta people need lives. pit bulls fight. that’s the way it is. dog fighting or not they gonna fight. but that isn’t even the issue here. it’s the fact that you crybabies are begging to uspend a guy that hasn’t even been found guilty!!! WHAT KIND OF INHUMANE SHIT IS THAT!!!

  • JESSENIA says:

    I can’t stand some of these people that say peta cares more about humans than animals. This is not the case here were talking about a person who abused his animals for his evil and sadistic purposes. How would you like it if you were treated like if you didn’t matter? But then again people like that only care about themselves and don’t take all of God’s creatures into consideration. And people still wonder why the world is all messed up

  • Maya says:

    Wow! Tracy G from South Africa your words brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully said. Biologist Dale Jamieson pointed out that if it weren’t for women’s rights and civil rights the animal rights movement would not be possible. So we have our AfricanAmerican friends to thank for having the bravery to stand up for those who are oppressed. Thank you Tracy.

  • Maya says:

    Hi Ana! You’re more than welcome. And thank goodness for compassionate teachers. I want to address people who object to PETA using Michael Vick as a “target”. You have to understand that they use celebrities all the time to illustrate their point because it gets people’s attention. Look at the HUNDREDS of other animalrights and environmental groups. Are they getting even half the attention or money that PETA gets? NO. That’s because our culture is addicted to juicy backstabbing negative celebrity storeis. Are you going to visit the Alley Cat Allies or SFSPCA or NRDC website? YAWN! No because it doesn’t have the racy material. So in short it’s our fault. Shows like ET and reality shows are so popular because the media sees the public eating up negative campaigns and celebrity gossip. If you don’t like it don’t reward it.

  • Jack says:

    All the people posting here who are defending Vick probably all have the same mentality since they can’t spell or write. Ignorance is bliss and don’t be cruel to animals.

  • Ariel says:

    I agree with all the comments on here that are staunchly expressed about proanimal rights. As I keep saying the antianimal activists cannot see the connection with the humananimalenvironmentalsocietal relationship…so they have to spout out all kinds of uneducatedlimited viewpoints in order to justify their socalled beliefs. And as they are really expressing their lack of knowledge about animal advocacy they try to tell us what we should be doing and what we should not be doing that has no connection whatsoever within our realm. Meanwhile NOT once have I ever read from any of them about their WORTHY contributions to society. To me their comments reflect NOT having the attributes and virtues that would allow for them to be worthy contributors to society. So in order to ease their uneducated andor brutal consciences they find it “comforting” to slam those of us who are educated about animal advocacy as well as having compassion and empathy for ALL life. Having said that unless they want to become educated about animals’ rights with its affecteffects upon society and the environment then they have no purpose for commenting on here other than to slam with their useless comments and to prove their ignorance. Otherwise they would be using their time to make worthy contributions to society.

  • Rich says:

    What if after all this picketing and outrage he’s acquitted? You guys are dopes. Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time for some steak and eggs.

  • Tracy G (South Africa) says:

    Thank you Peta for continuing to be a voice of reason and compassion. As an African who lived through a particularly brutal regime I should point out that apartheid was made possible because black people were literally thought of as animals strong bodies bred for manual labour and servitude believed not to feel pain the way white people did and they could live quite happily in squalor. They also fell under the leadership of white people who could do whatever they liked with them as his or her conscience dictated. Genocide in Rwanda became reality because people were conditioned for some time preceding the actual killings to think of those different to themselves as animals. The same goes for the Holocaust Bosnia etc. What a wonderful world we would begin to create if we treated animals with compassion and dignity and the lives of all creatures human and otherwise as having real value and being entitled to compassion in all circumstances. There would be no racism no wars or violence in any guise. Just as Mandela and many like him stood up in some of the darkest hours of African history to fight for relief and justice for those seen as nothing more than animals thank you again Peta for leading a similar quest for creatures who have no rights and no voice. You are in fact one of the most noble aspects of American culture today. Strength to you for continuing the good fight.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dog fighting is illegal. Michael Vick should receive fair trial in court facing the charges brought against him. But ruining a man’s life to push an issue because he is famous and we all would be kidding ourselves to say that PETA would jump on any regular man the same way is wrong. And you should know it.

  • Lori says:

    It is clear to me by reading all these comments that it is the uneducated who cannot see that dogfighting is terribly wrong. When I read comments from those critiquing PETA I was shocked at the many misspelled words and I won’t even comment on the grammar. They should be embarrassed by the fact that they cannot even spell. It just goes to show how important education is in every aspect of life. Let’s continue to educate people and eventually the intelligent will win and dogfighting will end.

  • boston says:

    To some of the antipeta comments if you care so much about other issues why bother going to the peta website and taking the time to post a comment? This organization is for people who care about animals. It’s not about race or how celebrities are treated within our justice system. No one is claiming that Vick is guilty. Check out the evidence found on his property. Regardless of the outcome of his trial those animals were treated unfairly and there’s no reason for it. It’s unacceptable.

  • Gabriella says:

    Anyone else notice the HIGH RATE of illiteracy among those who are antiPETA ?? Is there a correlation between loving animals and intelligence? Or is it just that their parole officers won’t let them own spell check ROFLMAO !!!

  • mitch says:

    yall are a bunch of redneck crackers who want to see a black popular man go down

  • howard says:

    Fuck all of you PETA bitches you should leave michael vick alone and worry about other shit like global warming or horse racers putting there horses to sleep beacuse they can’t perfrom you white red neck crackers

  • Gabriella says:

    THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK ACTION! THANKS SO MUCH TO THOSE DEMONSTRATORS! Justice for all dogfighting victims! Let’s work so that the penalties for this crime increase!! We have won and we will continue to win!

  • Chris H says:

    I’m affaid of the message we are sending. I am an avocate of animal abuse but no one has been convicted yetand we are crucifing this man. What about due process? If it turns out the man is guilty I’ll march with you but this type of passion without subtance is ignorant and I can’t support it. Please lets allow the court to do its job.

  • NMBR1Falconsfan says:

    PETA Stop trying to ride the coat tail of M.Vicks fame you’re like the driest biscuit trying to sop up any attention that leaks from all of this nonsense about some dumb dogs. And by the way I own a Chi and I love her dearly but that’s not the point. She’s still a bitch. I have an idea. Go to the home of “mr. Broke and Faceless” whom had two dogs tied as law requires in his backyard minding their own business and a little down syndrone girl wondered off from about a few doors down and her body was found in the pen with this mans dogs. They are going to put those dogs down because somehow they got the notion that human life is more important than a dumb ass dog that ate an innocent child. Go peta!!!!!! Go tell them how they by no means should ever consider hurting an animal!!!!! Animals are people too right???? So get on your stupid job and argue that and leave Mike Vick the heck alone.

  • Liane says:

    This is not a racial issue this is a humane issue and dog fighting is cruel torture and abuse of living creatures. Wake up and smell the coffee people. If you want humanity to be more humane to children and underprivleged people you must become more humane to all living creatures. Michale Vick will get a trial but he will never suffer the pain and torture that he inflicted on those animals. That is the only injustice he should feel what he has done to those animals from the other end. Dogs don’t choose to fight they are forced to fight and are starved tortured and prodded to do so. Quit trying to justify the abuse acknowledge the abuse and stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

  • wickedgames says:

    PETA PETA PETA….looks like you’re in hot water..once again. Robert Blake and OJ both get away with killing the mothers of their childrem but Vick hurts some dogs and you’re playing the judge jury and executioner! Let me let you in on a little secret dogs don’t need man to fight. Dogs are animals and thus think as such….you know animalistic? Why does PETA think they can hold back the hand of God and stop animals from being the things that he obviously created them to be? He can’t no more stop a tiger from attacking a child in India than he can stop two dogs from fighting if they want to. PETA wants to turn owning animals into some perverselet’s dress them up in clothes and raise them inside like childrenanthropomorphistic way of life. We’re sissifying our pets just like alot of folks have done with their children where they are no more than spoilt rotten brats who don’t accept authority or get punished for their actions which has led to discipline problems in both man and beast. I groomed dogs for 8 years and witnessed terrible neglect and abuse walking thru my doors. Nails growing into the dogs feet mats so tight the had pulled the skin apart and were open oozing sores collars grown into their necks 100’s possibly 1000’s of ticks and fleas skin conditions stinking ear infectionsrotting teeth…and the list goes on all the little dregs of society that were brought to us…by whom? Mainstream Americans…little blue haired old ladies who could be your grandma rich soccer moms…all thinking they just had to have some long haired dog but were too lazy to brush it out and take proper care of it. Would they have gone to jail and served time if I had reported them for animal abuse? I doubt it…. Abuse is abuse…just like dead is dead. The numbers are staggering how many animals are destroyed each year in shelters etc. compared to the numbers destroyed by people that choose to cull their own animals. Cruelty in death shouldn’t even be an issue because every aspect of death is cruel no matter how it’s done or how you slice it. Dying is just part of life. You die you rot…and you decay same end result who cares how you get’s part of the unpleasantness of death. While PETA hold signs saying save the victims do they know that dogfighting is the ONLY crime in this country whereby the VICTIMS ARE EXECUTED instead of the perpetrators? What hypocrites you are….

  • KG says:

    I’m so glad that we have such eloquent posters on this blog. I sure hope that these anti PETA people will consider stopping what they are doing to fight for Iraq and homeless people and cancer. I will continue to support animals because they can’t speak for themselves. I also support other causes like environmentalism and stopping the genocide in Darfur. Are you idiots out doing the same or do you just complain about those who are truly philanthropic. For you dogfighting supporters that big word means supporting worthy causes and charities. On a side note I hope that the people down in Atlanta are also getting the word out in front of the wine bar that Vick owns. And any other business owned by this scum. The only way to help these people is tough love hit them in the pocketbook. I’m sick to my stomach when I think of what creatures like Vick human comes from humane afterall are doing and getting away with. There is a HUGE difference between shooting a deer and eating it to feed you oor your family and torturing a trusting loving creation of God’s for your greed and insecurities with yourself. Technically innocent until proven guilty but this case is very open and shut. I hope they shut Vick away and I honestly pray that in the end he admits that he did it and that dogfighting is disgusting and pledges to never do it again.

  • Michael P. Curley says:

    To all supporters of animal rightsits about time the public sees what kind of monsters “humans” are!!! I have a pit bull that was left in the street with a knife stuck in her at 8 months old. It took her over a year not to fear “humans” the ones who had left her for dead.Lets keep PETA in Vick’s face and lets make a difference in our insane country for these beatiful dogs.

  • KG says:

    We should be boycotting Vick’s restaurant and other business investments in and around Atlanta.

  • Lisa H says:

    All of you PETA haters get a clue PETA is an animal rights group might I mention the ONLY well know group of it’s kindthere are many other groups that support other crimes and abuse. funny how all of you ended up on their web site. How can ANYONE compare dogfighting to boxing football etc.. these people choose to go in the ringfeild these animal have no choice or voice does anyone realize these animals where starved beaten scared not to mention the 17 dead dogs buried onhis property how can anyone think these crewl heartless acts to such a helpless animals is justified or exceptable get a clue and a heart. You do not have to be an animal rights activist to know this is wrong and ANYONE abusing animals should be punished to the fullest extent of the law which in my opinion is not enough I hope they make an example of Vick and he ends up without a job so he can sit in his house and think about what he has done to the animal who just wanted to please him. Good work PETA this cause would not be as noticed if it wasn’t for you!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    I cannot believe how many comments I am reading that are proVick! What’s wrong with you people??? For the people who say we should be worried about the homeless and the molested and the war there are organizations for those causes go to their sites to do your ranting if that is your passion. Animals have souls and feelings but cannot voice their feelings. That is where those who care most come into play. You are just as guilty as the dogfighters for your negative supportnotice I did not say Vick until he is proven guilty. Wake up people violence is violence and it is time for an end. Remember it won’t stop at just animals. Your mother father sibling or significant other could be next….

  • lv says:

    Some of you Peta haters should first learn how to write properly! It’s not about valuing the life of an animal more than human but if you don’t have compassion for animals you cannot expect the same for human life. If you want to be advocates for homeless do it yourself volunteer don’t bash on an organization that is trying to do a good cause. Another thing some of you haters are a bunch of stupid and ignorant people. And just remember the same way you treat another being is the same way you are going to be treated in your judgment day. As for Vick it is obvious what he did and the law should decide his punishment but if he is convicted he will live the same way he treated those animalsthat is he will live like a DOGGG! How? Incarcerated and fucked in the ass and used as bate for other inmates.

  • K WHITE says:


  • W. Johnson says:

    While I do not agreed with dog fighting I’m really appalled at this socirty for not letting justice take its course. We as Americans are always placing someone guilty before they every go to court. You as a society should know better. These are allegations and just that. Let the courts do there jobs then go after the person if they are found guilty. Give that person their day in court and stop letting the public and all these other organizations commit a person before the court system. If you was charged with a crime wouldn’t you want your day in court? Also I think this is all racial because if if was a white person this would not have gotten the exposure that it is getting. GIVE THE MAN HIS DAY IN COURT AND QUIT PLACING JUDGEMENT BEFORE ITS TIME. Our LORD and Savior do not like when people are prejudging other people.

  • Jeffro says:

    Hey Michelle Why dont you go to the doctors and just become an animal. Then you can speak on behalf of them.. To me it sounds like you are defending animals over humans. If that is the case why dont you just go get an operation and become one. Yes she asked for an opinion. You expressed yours. I expressed mine. You are just pathetic enough to attack an opinion. Im sorry that you have no friends and no one likes you so you had to go and take up a relationship with your pet. Hope it works out for ya. Let me know when the wedding is. PETARD

  • Ana says:

    1.I am an animal advocate. 2. PETA is fighting against dog fighting and other animal abuses. 3. Vick is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to dog fighting. 3. This is an animal rights blog. 4. I am vegan so I don’t wear leather or fur or wool. The people protesting are not wearing any of these either. Pleather yes that’s what you may be looking at. Plus this argument has developed cobwebsgive it up already. 5. Those of you so concerned with Iraq rapemurder and all of the other horrors humans inflict on one another should be doing something about it instead of cursing insulting and fabricating things against those who with great sincerity and love choose to help animals. 6. Loving animals is NOT SYNONYMOUS with hating humans. 7. PETA helps animals just as NOW fights for women’s rights and the NAACP fights for the rights of blacks. Do you ask the NAACP what they are doing to help whites or Latinos? 8. Animals do communicate with each other elephants chimpsbeavers etc. Thanks Maya for your previous kind words to me I greatly appreciated them. Thank you Mike Maya and others for your pertinent comments . The animals need advocates and I am glad to see that they have some very dedicated ones that also know grammar which is a plus.

  • Shawn says:

    monica get your facts straight. It is NOT in Pit Bulls’ nature to fight or be dangerous. Its the people who neglect or fail to take responsibility for their pets. They may have originated to be fighting dogs but they are very loving and loyal dogs when trained and loved. So quit being one of those fools who here the word pit bull and cringe its probably people like you’s fault why there are so many neglected and homeless pitts because they have a bad reputation. I am an animal lover but i think peta is ridiculous. Michael Vick is also my favorite player in the NFL AND REMEMBER WE LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HERE YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! So until he is convicted if he doesand the truth comes out QUIT TRYING TO RUIN THE LIFE OF AN INNOCENT MAN who also contributes to many of the issues that alot of you are whining about

  • andre says:

    OMFG these dogs are WILLING participants?! These were loving nonthreatening animals that are TRAINED by lowlife scum to be savage killers! The young punks killing each other in the ghettos of every major city WERE NOT born killers! It was destructive influences like gangsta rap! The same for these dogs that are used in fighting!